Apr 30, 2011

"No Future Part Three: Escape From No Future"-Titus Andronicus

THE band of 2010, with their ode to New Jersey. Directed by Tom Scharpling.

Apr 29, 2011

Charge Group @ Kings Cross Hotel

New venue, new night. Great idea. FBi Social @ Kings Cross Hotel is something for Sydneysiders to look forward to. Perched on the second floor of the newly refurbished Kings Cross Hotel, this small room is cozy and intimate. Perfect setting to see young and talented bands for next to nothing. In fact the whole night was only $12. For four bands. Put together by Adam Lewis, of FBi's Radiant, I missed the first two acts, but arrived in time to see New Zealand's The Coolies. They were energetic and loud, if a little predictable. But the act I went for were majestic and magnificent. Charge Group were incredible. 45 minutes of stratospheric, ambitious music. The night was a combination of old and new. We heard the evocative tracks from their 2008 classic debut "Escaping Mankind", such as "Lunar Module", "Redcoats & Convicts", "Lullaby For The Apocalypse" and the gloriously moving "Vice'd". That would have been good enough but we also received a preview of their soon to be released second album. Boy, this album could be special. I especially loved a song I think was called "Run", which was a driving beast of a song. They also showed off a lighter side with the almost poppy "Broken Sunlight". Truly, this band is a hidden Australian treasure. Their music is meaningful and dramatic. Moving and powerful. You must see them any chance you have. Without doubt.

Apr 26, 2011

Bon Iver Ready Second Album

The first one was a huge underground success. So naturally there is much anticipation for take two. Jagjaguwar give much pleasure in announcing "Bon Iver, Bon Iver" will be released on June 21. The album contains 10 tracks and was recorded and mixed at April Base Studios in rural Fall Creek, Wisconsin. "It's been a wonderful freedom, working in a place we built. It's also only three miles from the house I grew up in, and just ten minutes from the bar where my parents met", quotes band leader Justin Vernon. Let the countdown begin!

Bon Iver, Bon Iver Track Listing
1 Perth
2 Minnesota, WI
3 Holocene
4 Towers
5 Michicant
6 Hinnom, TX
7 Wash.
8 Calgary
9 Lisbon, OH
10 Beth/Rest

Apr 21, 2011

The Felice Brothers @ Annandale Hotel

Ragged glory, hallelujah good times. Blood, sweat, maybe even tears. They are American and it is pretty bleeding obvious. They are rough and ready, beauty delivered with charm and swagger. They speak to me. They know me. I need them. I know it now.

The Felice Brothers played their first Australian show on Wednesday night at the hopefully continuing Annandale Hotel. For 90 minutes they traversed mostly every strain of music. Folk, rock, country, ragtime, zydeco. Even electronic. It was a glorious soup of clattering sounds. Voices rang out and instruments clashed. All with stout heart and liberal soul. It was pretty damn special. The boys from the Catskills have a new album out and thankfully it just received a release on Spunk. So I have had a week to digest it. It shows the band in a new light, with new sounds. It's pretty great, so I was happy to hear 5 songs from the album including the opener "Fire At The Pageant", a raucous and rambunctious tune to start with. Then quickly came the highlight for me of the night. The glorious "Murder By Mistletoe" was stark and beautiful and moving. Much love. Thankfully though there were many more highs to follow. New single "Ponzi" showed off its electronic funk zone, whilst "Wonderful Life" was heartfelt and touching. Another new song in "Back In The Dancehalls" was well received with Christmas taking the lead vocals. Then at about halfway the actual brothers James and Ian were left on stage with James taking the lead on an old tune in "Got What I Need". Man, the big man has a huge voice. Of course Ian is the main vocalist. His drawl is quite distinctive. He certainly has a way about him on stage. Loved his take of another oldie in "Hey Hey Revolver". The show closed with a distinctly great trifecta too. "The Big Surprise" was slowed almost to a walk and resonated deeply. "Frankie's Gun!" was naturally a show stopper, whilst the epic "River Jordan" was a perfect closer. I think this is my new favourite song. After a short break Ian and Christmas returned for a great rendition of "Saint Stephen's End" before the whole band reunited for the crowd pleaser in "Whiskey In My Whiskey". Special mention should be made too of the contribution of violinist Greg Farley. He was great, as was James Felice on piano accordion. All in all 'twas a great show. A display of subtlety and ferocity. Music that burns.

Set List
Fire At The Pageant
Murder By Mistletoe
White Limo
Take This Bread
Wonderful Life
Back In The Dancehalls
Greatest Show On Earth
Got What I Need
Honda Civic
Hey Hey Revolver
Love Me Tenderly
Goddamn You, Jim
Run Chicken Run
The Big Surprise
Frankie's Gun!
River Jordan

Saint Stephen's End
Whiskey In My Whiskey

Apr 16, 2011

New Single From Dead Letter Chorus

Sydney's purveyors of fine music, Dead Letter Chorus, have a brand new single out now in the shape of "Yellow House". It's a sublime slice of harmony and melody. Following on from the great "Run, Wild" this song will be included on the band's second album, "Yearlings", due out in June. Stay tuned for more details. For now, enjoy!

Yellow House - Dead Letter Chorus by showoffservices

Apr 13, 2011

Handsome Furs Complete Our Lives

They are back! To shred our hearts and jump start our brains. Here is the first taste from Handsome Furs album number 3. "What About Us" is all pulsating excitement before dissolving into sheer melancholic beauty. June 28 will see the release of "Sound Kapital" on Sub Pop. Containing 9 tracks, the album was written entirely on keyboards. It was recorded in Montreal and then produced at Hotel2 Tango by Howard Bilerman and Arlen Thompson. Get Ready!

Sound Kapital Track Listing
1 When I Get Back
2 Damage
3 Bury Me Standing
4 Memories of the Future
5 Serve the People
6 What About Us
7 Repatriated
8 Cheap Music
9 No Feelings

Apr 11, 2011

Chad VanGaalen Delivers New Music

May 17 will see the release of a new album from Calgary's Chad VanGaalen. "Diaper Island" is the musician's fourth full length and by the sounds of the first track available for preview it could possibly be his finest. Once again, VanGaalen illustrated the album cover.

Diaper Island Track Listing
1 Do Not Fear
2 Peace on the Rise
3 Burning Photographs
4 Heavy Stones
5 Sara
6 Replace Me
7 Blonde Hash
8 Freedom for a Policeman
9 Can You Believe It!?
10 Wandering Spirits
11 No Panic/No Heat
12 Shave My Pussy

MP3: Sara-Chad VanGaalen

Apr 7, 2011


They moved to London. They are no more. Snowman went from being a band I had no time for to being one that I couldn't get enough of. Sadly, on April 22 they will release their third and final album. "Absence" contains 8 tracks, was recorded in London and is bound to be sensational. Please listen to "Hyena" and judge for yourself.

Hyena by SNOWMAN

Apr 4, 2011

New Music From Woods

Woods are great. Great ness. So, I am very excited to hear that they have a brand new album due out on Woodsist Records on June 14. They sure are prolific as this follows hot on the heels of 2009's "Songs of Shame" and 2010's "At Echo Lake", both amazing and superb records. So I am super keen to hear "Sun and Shade" when it arrives. Below you can listen to the first track available for preview. It's pretty fantastic too.

"Pushing Onlys" - Woods by forcefieldpr