Apr 13, 2011

Handsome Furs Complete Our Lives

They are back! To shred our hearts and jump start our brains. Here is the first taste from Handsome Furs album number 3. "What About Us" is all pulsating excitement before dissolving into sheer melancholic beauty. June 28 will see the release of "Sound Kapital" on Sub Pop. Containing 9 tracks, the album was written entirely on keyboards. It was recorded in Montreal and then produced at Hotel2 Tango by Howard Bilerman and Arlen Thompson. Get Ready!

Sound Kapital Track Listing
1 When I Get Back
2 Damage
3 Bury Me Standing
4 Memories of the Future
5 Serve the People
6 What About Us
7 Repatriated
8 Cheap Music
9 No Feelings


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