Apr 29, 2011

Charge Group @ Kings Cross Hotel

New venue, new night. Great idea. FBi Social @ Kings Cross Hotel is something for Sydneysiders to look forward to. Perched on the second floor of the newly refurbished Kings Cross Hotel, this small room is cozy and intimate. Perfect setting to see young and talented bands for next to nothing. In fact the whole night was only $12. For four bands. Put together by Adam Lewis, of FBi's Radiant, I missed the first two acts, but arrived in time to see New Zealand's The Coolies. They were energetic and loud, if a little predictable. But the act I went for were majestic and magnificent. Charge Group were incredible. 45 minutes of stratospheric, ambitious music. The night was a combination of old and new. We heard the evocative tracks from their 2008 classic debut "Escaping Mankind", such as "Lunar Module", "Redcoats & Convicts", "Lullaby For The Apocalypse" and the gloriously moving "Vice'd". That would have been good enough but we also received a preview of their soon to be released second album. Boy, this album could be special. I especially loved a song I think was called "Run", which was a driving beast of a song. They also showed off a lighter side with the almost poppy "Broken Sunlight". Truly, this band is a hidden Australian treasure. Their music is meaningful and dramatic. Moving and powerful. You must see them any chance you have. Without doubt.


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