Aug 31, 2008

Wagonwheel Blues-The War On Drugs

The War On Drugs have given us an album that is a look back into time, but also a reminder that great songs with soul and grit will always be welcome into our world. "Wagonwheel Blues" is the band's debut album, following on quickly from an excellent EP "Barrel of Batteries". It has the required mixture of solid guitar work, rousing melodies and a true and earthy voice to give the listener a vastly enjoyable experience. Hailing from Philadelphia, this five piece band have a certain quality, a depth of spirit, a rousing warmth, that is gratifying and rewarding. AT once reassuring, yet fresh and new.

A wailing harmonica gets things going with the standout opening track, "Arms Like Boulders". This great and rapturous song features humming guitars, a lively beat and the gravelly voice of songwriter Adam Granduciel. His measured tone, reminiscent of Dylan, is perfectly suited to the music. His sometimes almost spoken vocal floats and glides over the driving sound. Driven then is exactly what the second track is. "Taking The Farm" rocks and rolls, shimmies and shakes. It's a great blend of those cornerstones of classic rock and those melodies and harmonies of modern indie rock. This band also has an experimental edge, with some songs winding their way into interesting corners. With ethereal guitar lines and gossamery instrumentation, as evidenced on the instrumental "Coast Reprise" or the mysterious and eerie "There Is No Urgency". Then there is the bewitching "Buenos Aires Beach", a song full of joy and enticing sweetness, with its loping drumbeat. A song with a clear sixties feel is the vitalizing "A Needle In Your Eye #16" which comprises a delectable keyboard line and a steady and firm drumbeat. This album will always keep your mind entertained, another instrumental in "Reverse The Charges" leads into the ten minute epic of "Show Me The Coast", a psychedelic dirge that is almost hypnotic. This well rounded and well conceived album then concludes with the jaunty "Barrel Of Batteries", a short and sweet number that firmly states that The War On Drugs are a force to be reckoned with.

MP3: Taking The Farm-The War on Drugs

Aug 29, 2008

In The New Year-The Walkmen (Official Video)

I am not sure if this is a great video. But, it definitely is a great song. This is the just released official video for "In The New Year", taken from the outstanding new album from The Walkmen, "You & Me". Please add it to your record collection.

Aug 27, 2008

Bon Iver Covers Okkervil River

In the ongoing series of great singers covering tunes from the new Okkervil River album, we now have a beauty. Bon Iver sings "Blue Tulip", one of my favourite tracks from the upcoming "The Stand Ins", which is released September 9 on Jagjaguwar. Superb.

Aug 26, 2008

Fleet Foxes Are Coming To Australia; Or An Ode To All Things Subpop

Yes, yes, yes! Fleet Foxes are coming to Australia. Today, these sweet voiced marvels were added to the lineup of The Falls Festival at the end of December. Their debut album, released in June, has won many hearts and rightly so. It is a beautiful and stunning release. So, they join The Dodos, who are also playing this festival. Then we have The Mountain Goats and Final Fantasy coming here for the Meredith Music Festival. Let's start counting the days until the sideshows are announced. I can't wait.

I also heard a very small rumour that Wolf Parade could be coming to Meredith. Now, I normally don't listen to rumours and this one is a doozy. So, I don't want to get any one's hopes up, but to say this would be quite exciting would be a massive understatement. The band has just finished a short North American tour and are going to do a short European tour in November, so let's hope that maybe, just maybe they will decide to visit our country.

Now, both these bands are on Subpop, home to many great artists. Oxford Collapse just released a new album on the label and Blitzen Trapper and Chad VanGaalen have albums due out shortly. Here are some samples of Subpop goodness (circa 2008).

MP3: Language City-Wolf Parade
MP3: White Winter Hymnal-Fleet Foxes
MP3: Furr-Blitzen Trapper
MP3: Willow Tree-Chad VanGaalen
MP3: The Birthday Wars-Oxford Collapse
MP3: Bruno's Torso-Death Vessel

Bonus Goodness-
MP3: Lost Coastlines-Okkervil River

Aug 25, 2008


This is a movie I just must see. Bill Maher is one of my favourite people in the world to hear speak on all matter of subjects, especially those of politics and religion. Unfortunately, we do not receive his TV Show here. More's the pity, as he is not only informative, but very, very funny. Mr Maher has just made his first feature length film, Religulous and the trailer above speaks for itself. After the astounding hypocrisy and ballyhoo that was World Youth Day, I think this film is a great shot in the arm for reality and common sense.

Aug 24, 2008

I'd Share A Life And You'd Share A Life...

We have a home! My beautiful partner and I, after a few months of looking, have a wonderful new home to move into sometime in October. We purchased our beautiful home on Saturday and we love it. It's in Newtown and it is very exciting to think about living in this dynamic part of Sydney. It will be a home of Wolf Parade, Boston Celtics, Charles Blackman, a pussy cat and lots of warmth and love. I look forward to sending out future reports from an exciting part of Sydney. Stay tuned...

Aug 21, 2008

In The New Year-The Walkmen

Seriously, the new album from The Walkmen is outrageously good. A massive return to form after the somewhat disappointing "A Hundred Miles Off". I have been listening to the 'leaked' copy for a month now and have been absolutely loving it, but today I got the actual CD in my hands. Which for a music completist like me is always essential. Here we see the band performing "In The New Year" in some one's basement. It features all the things that make The Walkmen great. Amazing drumming, that clanging guitar sound and the towering scream of Hamilton Leithauser. Sensational.

MP3: In The New Year-The Walkmen

Aug 20, 2008

Meredith Music Festival 2008 Lineup

The 18th Meredith Music Festival lineup was announced today. Taking place in country Victoria from the 12th to the 14th December, the initial acts announced sound very exciting. Especially satisfying is the news that The Mountain Goats are on the bill. John Darnielle and crew were due here in April, but had to cancel due to John's health scare. This band is truly magnetic live, so even if I don't get to Victoria for the festival, a sideshow in Sydney is something to look forward to. Equally exciting is the news that Final Fantasy is on the bill. Owen Pallett is some sort of genius, so I am thrilled by this news.

Acts announced so far...
Holy Fuck
Little Red
Saul Williams
Man Man
The Bronx
Final Fantasy
Tame Impala
The Mountain Goats
Ten East
The Ruby Suns
Black Diamond Heavies
Combo La Revelacion
Grand Salvo
Adam Green
The Datsuns
Architecture In Helsinki

Aug 19, 2008

Death Cab For Cutie @ Enmore Theatre

Death Cab For Cutie write good songs. A simple fact. They might not be the greatest band to grace the face of the earth, but they manage to write good songs with lovely melodies, interesting arrangements and a solid dose of emotion. So, a DCFC show is guaranteed to be a fun night out. A night of singing and dancing and certainly smiling. So it proved Monday night at the Enmore Theatre. Back in Australia gain, the Seattle band played to a easily sold out venue, a testament to their growing popularity. Although it would have to be said that as their popularity grows, I believe their quality of output is diminishing. Their latest album "Narrow Stairs" is a a solid effort with some very good songs, but also a few moderate ones. I also felt the same about "Plans", which ironically has turned out to be their biggest selling release. I hate to say 'I like their old stuff better', but I certanily feel that "Transatlanticism" and "The Photo Album" remain their artistic peaks. Thankfully, this show encompassed all ends of the DCFC spectrum, so I am sure it pleased all fans. It certainly pleased this fan, not a show for the ages, but a very enjoyable night out in the company of a giving band.

Somehow I felt they would open with "Bixby Canyon Bridge", the opening and one of the better tracks off "Narrow Stairs". So it proved, giving the evening a kick start. After this solid opening, we were treated to a couple of older ones in "The New Year" and "Why You'd Want To Live Here", both going down a treat. After this we went back and forth through the DCFC catalogue. I counted six songs played off the new record, the best of which was the epic "I Will Possess Your Heart". Naturally the "Plans" songs got the biggest reception. "Crooked Teeth" was all melody and harmony, whilst "I Will Follow You Into The Dark" saw Ben Gibbard go solo on acoustic, with everyone in the venue singing along. I also liked that they pulled out a couple of very old numbers, such as "A Movie Script Ending", which was much appreciated. After closing with the superb "Marching Bands Of Manhattan", the band returned for an encore that became an ode to "Transatlanticism". No complaints here. "Expo '86" was greatness itself whilst the song that gives the album its name was epic and beautiful all at once. Then they thanked the audience, waved their good byes and disappeared into the night. Four men from Seattle, that always put on a good show. Musicians of great skill and passion. A pleasure to be with.

Set List
Bixby Canyon Bridge
The New Year
Why You'd Want To Live Here
Crooked Teeth
Long Division
Grapevine Fires
A Movie Script Ending
Company Calls
Company Calls Epilogue
Soul Meets Body
I Will Follow You Into The Dark
I Will Possess Your Heart
No Sunlight
The Sound Of Settling
Marching Bands Of Manhattan

Title Track
Title And Registration
Expo '86
Tiny Vessels

Aug 14, 2008

Horse Feathers Reveal Album Details

A little while ago I revealed that Portland's Horse Feathers would be releasing a new album in September, a follow up to 2006's wonderful "Words Are Dead". Kill Rock Stars will be releasing "House With No Home" on September 9 and it contains 11 tracks. All of them sure to be pure gold, I hope.

House With No Home Tracklisting
1 Curs in the Weeds
2 Rude to Rile
3 Working Poor
4 Albina
5 A Burden
6 Helen
7 Father Reprise
8 Heathen's Kiss
9 Different Gray
10 This Is What
11 Father

The excellent and always well written Nerd Litter previewed a new track yesterday. "Curs in the Weeds", it's brilliant. I hope you enjoy it.

MP3: Curs in the Weeds-Horse Feathers

Aug 12, 2008

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson-Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson

I own a record that does not contain a weak track. In fact, it does not contain a track that I could call merely good. Very good would be a starting point, which leads to greatness. Gallops to greatness, actually. Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson has created a piece of music that is stunningly great. In fact, if not for Wolf Parade this would be my album of the year, so far. It is that good. This self titled piece of beauty is the debut album for Mr Robinson and what a debut it is. Rich and varied, full of pain and joy and bleeding emotion, it transports you to that world of Dylan and Young and Springsteen. Songs to stand the test of time, songs of greatness.

Where did this spring from? A few months ago this man was unknown to me. After doing my homework, it would seem that Mr Robinson originated in Oregon before making his way to Brooklyn. Where upon he took too many drugs and drank too much alcohol, all the while trying to write his songs of genius. Luckily he straightened himself out and his talent caught the eye of some members of Grizzly Bear and TV on the Radio, who were involved in the production of this glorious album. And glorious it is, never better shown then in the startling opener "Buriedfed", a song for the ages, a song of pure, driven intensity. Starting quietly, Miles sings with a hush, declaring this is "my last song about myself", before unfolding a story of shocking pain, all the way backed up by a melody that is impossible to resist. The song builds and builds before exploding into a cacophony of soaring sound. An impressive start, but this album doesn't wait for any one. "The Debtor" is a delicious slice of folk harmony, with a subtle and gorgeous piano line running through it. "Woodfriend" follows, a raucous affair that rattles and hums. At this point, a slight breather is needed and "Who's Laughing" provides it. A slow burning affair, it stutters and twitters with great delicacy. I have to say, this is a song writer's album. It could be called folk, but it is more then that, it contains soaring melodies, it rocks out totally in parts and also contains moments of quiet beauty. It is, quite simply a collection of great songs, songs that contain stories of pain and hope and ultimately, truth. The truth of this talented man.

As stated before, every song on this album has something to say. "The Ongoing Debate Concerning Present vs Future" is a careening mini rock opera. "My Good Luck" is a rollicking good time that is the sort of song that commercial radio should be playing if they had any taste. "Written Over" is a crushingly beautiful song, too delicate to touch. "Mountaineered" is all shock and awe, layers of quiet and loud. "Above The Sun" is a delicate elegy that sounds almost spiritual. Then Miles closes with "Boneindian", a song of hushed tranquility, serene and soft, as Miles slowly strums and whispers his vocals. Oh, did I mention the vocals. His voice is a glorious vessel, full of humanity and great character, it enables the listener to feel each and every note. In every way, this an album of enormous substance. If you are concerned with the state of music and are looking for a man to lead the way, then make Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson your man.

This album is available from Say Hey Records and will be released shortly in Australia on Spunk Records.
MP3: Buriedfed-Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson

Aug 11, 2008

Souled Out!!!-Conor Oberst

Here is the brand new video from the brand new Conor Oberst album. I bought the album last week and have been giving it a good listen in that time. My opinion, it's a good, solid album. A couple of great songs, a few very good ones and a couple of average tracks. Maybe Conor won't ever scale the heights of his early Bright Eyes days, but he is at least maturing into a songwriter of considerable strength. Although he is getting very folky.

Aug 10, 2008

A Move In Place, A Moment Of Gleeson and A Couple Of Hours With Hoffman And Linney

These are quite interesting times for me. After a long time (eleven years) I am selling my humble abode. Yesterday was the first open house and it went very well. It is all a bit nerve wracking and I am a little anxious about it, but the signs are good that a sale will eventuate. The plan is to buy a gorgeous little brick cottage in Newtown (see above). We haven't secured the place yet, but the signs are good. The prospective purchase will be a home that my beautiful partner and I can fill with great music, great art and lashings of love and warmth. Also, we will be in close vicinity to great food, pubs, music stores, cinemas and shopping of all descriptions. It is all very exciting, but we are not quite there yet.

Yesterday to unwind, we went to the Watters Gallery in East Sydney. We witnessed an exhibition of Recent Drawings by the great Australian artist James Gleeson. The one pictured was my favourite. It's full of terrific motion and glorious texture. This drawing, Drawing No. 166, has been sold for $5000, a bargain I would say. Unfortunately, Gleeson is in the closing stages of his life and we might not see much more work produced by this great artist. I can recommend this exhibition without hesitation.

To top off the day, we went to see The Savages. Things have been a little quiet on the film front lately, but I have been hanging out for this one. Sometimes the really good films take forever to find their way into cinemas down here and this was no exception. Happily, it was definitely worth the wait. It was a film of achingly real emotion, superbly acted and tenderly filmed. A sad and truthful story, it told the tale of John (Philip Seymour Hoffman) and Wendy (Laura Linney) Savage. The sister and brother are called to look after their ailing father Lenny (Philip Bosco), who is suffering from dementia. After placing him in a nursing home, the film subtly and beautifully examines the relationship between the siblings and also their troubled past with their sometimes cantankerous father. Naturally Hoffman and Linney are just superb. They portray characters with such human frailty and pathos, that is impossible not to be impressed. This film is a realistic and cliche free examination of human behaviour. Stunningly good.

Aug 8, 2008

Stay Positive-The Hold Steady

It would be a severe miscalculation to regard The Hold Steady as just a 'bar band made good'. As a band that writes a few good licks and nothing more. Yes, their music is reasonably uncomplicated. Yes, it appeals to the capacity for all of us bang our heads every now and again. But, there is so much more. There are dynamite guitar solos, hook laden choruses, power drumming and above all, intelligent and truth ridden lyrics by the one and only Craig Finn. As an added bonus, you get the unique Finn delivery. Vocals sit somewhere between speak and sing, giving us all a joy ride to remember. Yes, peoples, The Hold Steady are an every person band. They speak our language and if we are willing to embrace it, then the rewards are huge. For in this vast musical landscape there is room for a Radiohead as well as a Hold Steady.

"Stay Positive" might just be this band's best work, I believe. It's filled to the brim with powerful anthems, sweat dripping ballads and more importantly, fun. With a capital F. This album bursts into the stratosphere with "Constructive Summer", a song born for all the air guitarists that exist. It rocks and rolls like the great ones used to, before giving away to "Sequestered In Memphis", which continues the flavour of heavy duty rocking. There are other moments of high voltage power. "Magazines" is an adrenalin rush, as is the wonderful title track. A couple of the tracks come off as slightly formulaic, such as the straight forward "Navy Sheets", but where this band absolutely soars are on some of the more layered and contemplative tracks. One of the best of these is definitely "One For The Cutters", a superb song of small town America. Its harpischord intro is just superb, as is the piano lines running through out. Melodies don't come much better then what is on display here. "Lord, I'm Discouraged" is just as good, a rambling wreck of a song that simply aches with heart. In constant listening to this album though, I think my two absolute favourites now sit at the end of the album. "Joke About Jamaica" is ominous in its content, a succulent slice of dramatic rock, whilst "Slapped Actress" is a golden piece of rock and roll cake. Absolutely delicious. Honestly, this band has never sounded better. Guitars hum and buzz, drumming is driving and the piano is almost classically good. Sitting on top of this is the mastery of Finn. His throaty, almost spoken roar is perfectly suited to the music. His tales are basic of nature, but written with a massive heart and truth. They are stories of singing along to the radio, finding yourself in trouble, living, loving, sadness and pain. Yet there is an eternal optimistic strain running through out the album. The Hold Steady are unashamedly a Rock band. They play hard and ask you take the ride with them. Sweet, sweet Rock and Roll. Punch your hands in the air if you agree.

Aug 6, 2008

Band Of Horses @ Metro Theatre

Some people would say that I have a thing for American music. Some people would be right. Some people would say that I love the traditional sounds and honest craft of American songwriting. Some people would be right. Some people would say that Band Of Horses epitomise everything that I like about American music. Those people would definitely be right. I can testify to this, for Tuesday night at the Metro was a chance to see Band Of Horses in full flight. Ragged glory, oh sweet rapture. This South Carolina band with the angel voiced lead singer turned Sydney into a celebration of glorious song. Melodies and soaring guitars filled the room, with smiling faces everywhere to be seen.

I had seen this band perform in Sydney back in 2006 to a much smaller audience and I loved them then. This time around Band Of Horses have grown to six and their sound has grown as well as their popularity. A sold out venue was excited to hear "Is There A Ghost" kick off the night and to follow this song with the rousing "The Great Salt Lake" was a sure fire way to have every one excited. The night ebbed and flowed with both of their albums covered equally. There were a couple of flat spots, with some of the slower numbers not being as successful. New keyboardist Ryan Munroe, the man is a character, sang a new song called "Older" which wasn't great, I believe. And songs like "Marry Song" don't translate as well live. But we did receive a new song, not sure of the title, which was great and a cover of J J Cales's "Thirteen Days" was superb. One of the absolute highlights was "Cigarettes, Wedding Bands", a great song which soared quite effortlessly. And the closing numbers were just superb. "Ode to LRC"'s glorious melody was impossible to resist, whilst "Wicked Gil" and "The Funeral" were a perfect way to close the main set. "The Funeral" (announced as their 'fake last song') is quite simply a great song of the highest order. Stunning.

The band returned for a great encore. "Our Swords" was performed as a duo with great skill, then Ben Bridwell sang an old soul number "Am I Good Man" with enormous fire and passion. This is not surprising as the man is just flat out a great singer. So often compared to Jim James, he has the same ability to hold a high pitched note, whilst still singing with incredible power and range. I could listen to him sing anywhere, anytime. He is also a great guitarist, leading the band in the right direction at all times. The band was great too, letting him take the limelight and providing able backup at all times. They seemed to be having a wonderful time too, it was their last show of the tour after all. The great time was perfectly exemplified on the closing "The General Specicfic", a song guaranteed to leave you smiling. That, I believe is the essence of this band. They are a band that writes earthy, enjoyable songs that contain great melodies and wonderful vitality. They embody the spirit of the great song. Joy, passion and the skill to deliver it all in an enjoyable package. Good times indeed.

Set List
Is There A Ghost
The Great Salt Lake
Islands On The Coast
Weed Party
(new song)?
Thirteen Days (J J Cale cover)
Marry Song
Cigarettes, Wedding Bands
The First Song
No One Goes Out Anymore (sung by Tyler Ramsey)
Detlef Schrempf
Older (sung by Ryan Monroe)
No Ones Gonna Love You
Ode to LRC
Wicked Gil
The Funeral

Our Swords
Am I A Good Man (Them Two Cover)
The General Specific

Aug 5, 2008

Cold War Kids @ Enmore Theatre

Rule Number One of concert going: Never listen to a Wolf Parade live bootleg before attending any show. It can only lead to disappointment. Having said that, I was not disappointed at the show Cold War Kids put on at the Enmore Theatre on Monday night. Far from it, it was a thoroughly enjoyable night. A night of fun and full of fiery passion. This band really brings it live and they always give it their all. It was however a slow start. "Pregnant" was an odd choice for the opener. One of their lesser tracks, it was played in near darkness and was a lacklustre way to start. Speaking of lighting, it was a poorly lit show, with much of the band cloaked in darkness through out the night. Thankfully, the music more then made up for it. The opening piano line of "We Used To Vacation" had every one jumping and smiling and a good night was assured for every one there.

Cold War Kids are releasing their second album "Loyalty To Loyalty" in September, so it was good to hear a few tasters from that upcoming album. A couple I thought were just OK, but I really loved "Something Is Not Right With Me", the song circulating through the blogs, "Welcome To The Occupation" and especially "Every Valley Is Not A Lake". These three numbers augur well for the new album. Of the older numbers "Robbers" was a standout, as was "Passing The Hat". But naturally the best was saved for last. "Hang Me Up To Dry" was a song born to be a live anthem, whilst "Hospital Beds" is purely and simply a great, great song. The venue was in full roar on these two showstoppers. The encore was special too. The band pulled out "Quiet, Please!", a song from their very first EP. I loved its epic nature. They then closed with "Saint John", where upon Delta Spirit joined them on stage, creating a huge racket and thoroughly delighting the audience. Delight is the right word I believe for Cold War Kids. Their blend of honest and uplifting rock and blues is hard to resist. They are all very talented musicians who play each and every song with the right degree of passion and fire. Thanks for coming to our shores again, CWK.

Set List
We Used To Vacation
Passing The Hat
Mexican Dogs
Tell Me In The Morning
Every Man I Fall For
Something Is Not Right With Me
Welcome To The Occupation
God, Make Up Your Mind
Hang Me Up To Dry
Every Valley Is Not A Lake
Hospital Beds

Quiet, Please!
Saint John

Support act Delta Spirit was a very pleasant surprise. This San Diego five piece inhabit a similar musical spectrum to the lead act and I thoroughly enjoyed their performance. Lead singer Matthew Vasquez has a great voice and a fiery stage presence. "Children" was probably the stand out song of theirs. They are releasing their new album "Ode To Sunshine" next week and after this performance I will definitely be buying it.

Aug 3, 2008

Sigur Ros @ Hordern Pavilion

'tju tju' sang the singer. Slowly, longingly, hauntingly, beautifully. The words hung like silken vespers in the night. Drifting quietly toward us. We breathed it in, sighed and waited for more. So began a journey with Sigur Ros at the Hordern Pavilion last night. My first time with the mysterious Icelanders was a night to remember. "Svefn-g-englar" was a perfect starter, Jonsi Birgisson's ethereal voice stretching itself to almost impossible limits. When he held and held that last note we held our breath too, before exhaling gleefully when it was over. To follow that song with the equally beautiful "Glósóli" was a masterstroke, its supreme grace setting the scene for a night of joy and unequivocal beauty. Somehow this band also managed to overcome the venue's shortcomings. A venue devoid of soul, although admittedly one with good sound and lighting.

So, this band. I have to admit I have never been a massive fan. Sure, I own some of their catalogue, but I have never been a slave to their music. I guess I have found it a little too ethereal at times and on record, Jonsi's vocals lacked a certain strength to my liking. However, I actually think their latest album is their best (maybe I am wrong here), because I believe it is their most vital and full blooded. And I have heard their live performances are ones to remember. So it proved. The mixture of older numbers and newer songs seemed perfectly balanced. The set flowed with obvious ease, going from still beauty to raw power with barely a note missed. I loved " Sé Lest" and " Sæglópur", but my absolute favourites turned out to be the newer ones. Standout without doubt was "Festival". This magical song grew from a quiet whisper to a blinding fury, dazzling us along the way. Others to love were the achingly tender "Fljótavík", the uplifting " Við spilum endalaust", the riotous " Inní mér syngur vitleysingur" and of course the show stopping "Gobbledigook" which was a sure fire creator of smiles. If you didn't smile through this then I suspect you were either asleep or perhaps dead. The explosion of confetti into the crowd just cemented the night of joy. After a swift break the band returned to play "Popplagið", a song I didn't know, but was blown away by as it extended into a twenty minute epic of raw explosive power. The band left, returned for bows, left again and then returned for one number, before disappearing into the night.

I was hoping this night would be unique and great. And it was, a show hard to compare to many others. Their music has a different effect then most other bands. It doesn't contain singalong choruses or those key changes that cause the heart to skip a beat. The singer doesn't prowl the stage, pouring his heart out. Rather the music quietly wraps itself around you, then reveals subtle little layers that bloom and burst forth, transporting you some far distant land. Obviously these men are superb musicians, swapping instruments through out and creating special sounds at regular intervals. They were also augmented by a four piece brass section, which added a carnival touch to the night. A night of resplendent exquisiteness. A night to treasure.

Set List (courtesy of Sean, who has his report here)
Sé Lest
Ný batterí
Við spilum endalaust
Með Blóðnasir
Inní mér syngur vitleysingur


All Alright

I have some more photos of the night at my Flickr.

Aug 1, 2008

Hospital Ships

Jordan Geiger is a talented man. Not only is he the songwriter and singer in Minus Story, a personal favourite of mine and a criminally under rated band, he also plays trumpet for Shearwater. Now comes his solo debut album, under the guise of Hospital Ships, which draws its name from a Flaming Lips songs. The debut album for Hospital Ships is called "Oh, Ramona" and will be released on Graveface Records on October 21. The album contains 14 songs and the first one I have heard is "Bitter Radio Single", a short and sweet pop number, which hopefully is a good indication of the album's sound.

MP3: Bitter Radio Single-Hospital Ships