Aug 21, 2008

In The New Year-The Walkmen

Seriously, the new album from The Walkmen is outrageously good. A massive return to form after the somewhat disappointing "A Hundred Miles Off". I have been listening to the 'leaked' copy for a month now and have been absolutely loving it, but today I got the actual CD in my hands. Which for a music completist like me is always essential. Here we see the band performing "In The New Year" in some one's basement. It features all the things that make The Walkmen great. Amazing drumming, that clanging guitar sound and the towering scream of Hamilton Leithauser. Sensational.

MP3: In The New Year-The Walkmen


  • At August 21, 2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Totally agree about the new album. For better or worse, I'd kind of written off the band in the last couple years. I never even bought their last album after hearing the leaked tracks. But "In the New Year" is great, "I Lost You" is great, and the entire album is a return to form, probably their best since "Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me is Gone."

    Cool video you got there too.


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