Aug 26, 2008

Fleet Foxes Are Coming To Australia; Or An Ode To All Things Subpop

Yes, yes, yes! Fleet Foxes are coming to Australia. Today, these sweet voiced marvels were added to the lineup of The Falls Festival at the end of December. Their debut album, released in June, has won many hearts and rightly so. It is a beautiful and stunning release. So, they join The Dodos, who are also playing this festival. Then we have The Mountain Goats and Final Fantasy coming here for the Meredith Music Festival. Let's start counting the days until the sideshows are announced. I can't wait.

I also heard a very small rumour that Wolf Parade could be coming to Meredith. Now, I normally don't listen to rumours and this one is a doozy. So, I don't want to get any one's hopes up, but to say this would be quite exciting would be a massive understatement. The band has just finished a short North American tour and are going to do a short European tour in November, so let's hope that maybe, just maybe they will decide to visit our country.

Now, both these bands are on Subpop, home to many great artists. Oxford Collapse just released a new album on the label and Blitzen Trapper and Chad VanGaalen have albums due out shortly. Here are some samples of Subpop goodness (circa 2008).

MP3: Language City-Wolf Parade
MP3: White Winter Hymnal-Fleet Foxes
MP3: Furr-Blitzen Trapper
MP3: Willow Tree-Chad VanGaalen
MP3: The Birthday Wars-Oxford Collapse
MP3: Bruno's Torso-Death Vessel

Bonus Goodness-
MP3: Lost Coastlines-Okkervil River


  • At October 01, 2008 , Blogger Y said...

    Wheee.. but what I want to know is, are Fleet Foxes coming to Sydney as well!! :)


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