Aug 25, 2008


This is a movie I just must see. Bill Maher is one of my favourite people in the world to hear speak on all matter of subjects, especially those of politics and religion. Unfortunately, we do not receive his TV Show here. More's the pity, as he is not only informative, but very, very funny. Mr Maher has just made his first feature length film, Religulous and the trailer above speaks for itself. After the astounding hypocrisy and ballyhoo that was World Youth Day, I think this film is a great shot in the arm for reality and common sense.


  • At August 27, 2008 , Anonymous Bill said...

    That does look good. I haven't seen any ads for it here in the States, but I would like to see it. I'm not a huge fan of Maher's, but we share very similar beliefs, especially on the topic of religion, and I do enjoy his TV show, one of the most enjoyably honest discussions of issues today (at least here in America, where that is a major rarity). He does come off as kind of smarmy and I don't know if he's as funny as he thinks he is, but when he does his "man on the street" bits on TV (which this documentary looks a lot like), he comes off much better. Can't wait to see it.


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