Aug 14, 2008

Horse Feathers Reveal Album Details

A little while ago I revealed that Portland's Horse Feathers would be releasing a new album in September, a follow up to 2006's wonderful "Words Are Dead". Kill Rock Stars will be releasing "House With No Home" on September 9 and it contains 11 tracks. All of them sure to be pure gold, I hope.

House With No Home Tracklisting
1 Curs in the Weeds
2 Rude to Rile
3 Working Poor
4 Albina
5 A Burden
6 Helen
7 Father Reprise
8 Heathen's Kiss
9 Different Gray
10 This Is What
11 Father

The excellent and always well written Nerd Litter previewed a new track yesterday. "Curs in the Weeds", it's brilliant. I hope you enjoy it.

MP3: Curs in the Weeds-Horse Feathers


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