Feb 27, 2015

Real Estate @ Oxford Art Factory

Real Estate aren't an exceptional live band, but they are an exceptional band. So, basically that means when you witness a Real Estate live show you will have a very good time. Because their music is just that good. But don't expect a huge amount of banter or high energy antics. These are musicians here to have a good time to be sure but they are primarily there to wash over you with glorious waves of guitar and sublime melodies. The band from New Jersey has made very good indeed. With three acclaimed albums under their belts they have a great catalogue to choose from. So despite them not playing "Out of Tune" it was a great night to be sure.

Matt Mondanile and Martin Courtney are the core of Real Estate and it is them that makes the band so special. Their guitar interplay is a sight to behold, layers of melody washing back and forth producing often thrilling results. On songs like "The Bend" it was particularly exciting, especially when the breakdown on that song occurs. Or the epic sounds of "All The Same". My greatest excitement though was for the spectacularly great "Fake Blues". I wasn't the only one appreciating the sounds though. The crowd was very enthusiastic and it seemed like the band could feel it, with smiles breaking out on and off stage. So much so that the encore extended to five songs pushing the show past midnight. Not that anyone was complaining. When music is this good you really never want it to end. 

Set List
Had To Hear
Kinder Blumen
Green Aisles
Talking Backwards
The Bend
Fake Blues
Beneath The Dunes
It's Real
Beach Comber
All The Same

Younger Than Yesterday
Wonder Years
April's Song
In My Car

Feb 19, 2015

Perfume Genius @ Oxford Art Factory

Mike Hadreas has a story to tell and he tells it dramatically. Otherwise known as Perfume Genius he bleeds his emotions on stage, baring his soul and delivering his heart to all in attendance. That was the scene Thursday night at the Oxford Art Factory. Hadreas is an unusual performer. Seemingly very shy but also very bold. Wearing a dress, fishnet stockings and stilettos he prowls the stage belting out his strongly emotional songs. He stares into the distance, not really focusing on the crowd but more likely the job at hand. He can look uncomfortable at times but I think this just makes the performance even more real. There is a searing humanity to everything he produces. I guess this is what makes him so compelling. Last time he toured it was basically just him on his keyboards. This time around he was joined by drums, guitar and more keyboards. Which suited the more dramatic numbers from his latest release. Such as the popular "Queen" and the raging "Grid". My favourite though was probably the sublimely beautiful "Fool". There was still time though for quieter solo numbers such as the achingly beautiful "Dark Parts" and the lilting melody of "Learning". Somehow I wasn't enthused entering the venue for this show. I had a long day and was feeling a little tired. But the emotional shot in the arm of Perfume Genius was clearly just what I needed. 

Set List
My Body
Take Me Home
Dark Parts
Lookout, Lookout
Body's In Trouble
No Good
Sister Song
All Waters
Floating Spit
Rusty Chains

Mr. Peterson
All Along
Normal Song

Feb 15, 2015

Spoon @ Metro Theatre

Defining cool can be tricky. But the epitome of coolness is surely untouchable greatness. Which Spoon proved again Saturday night at the Metro Theatre. For well over a decade and more they have consistently given us great music and with a style that is undeniable. I can't think of another band that has done it for so long and with absolutely no drop off in quality. Animal Collective are perhaps the only other band in that discussion. And in Britt Daniel they have a front man who I think is the coolest man in rock in roll. It truly is the complete package. Something to treasure, behold and appreciate.

After a short break from activities Spoon returned with a new album last year in "They Want My Soul" and quite frankly it was as good as anything they have ever produced. So the prospect of seeing them live again was even more enticing. It is very rare to see a band or artist and know that anything they play will be great. Be it old material or brand new. But then Spoon isn't your average band. They just operate at a higher level than band most bands. Greatness was stamped on them at an early stage and it's not rubbing off anytime soon. So basically this was a show that was impossible to fault. Tracks from all eras hit home hard. Britt Daniel and his stylish ways led the way, orchestrating a band that was firing on all cylinders. If I could pick a chunk that really stood out though it was the glorious trifecta of "The Beast and Dragon, Adored", "Everything Hits at Once" and "Don't Make Me a Target". Rhythm and soul to the highest degree. Oh perfect glory. By the time the band came to the closer "The Underdog" were were awestruck and living in joyous rapture. It will be very hard to see a better show in 2015.

Set List
Rent I Pay
Small Stakes
Don't You Evah
Who Makes Your Money
My Mathematical Mind
The Ghost of You Lingers
Rainy Taxi
Do You
The Beast and Dragon, Adored
Everything Hits at Once
Don't Make Me a Target
I Summon You
Inside Out
I Turn My Camera On
Got Nuffin
Black Like Me

Memory Lane (Eddy Current Suppression Ring cover)
You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb
The Underdog

Feb 12, 2015

Daniel Rossen @ Newtown Social Club

As a member of the revered Grizzly Bear, Daniel Rossen has a worthy reputation to say the least. As a songwriter, arranger, musician and singer he has talent to burn. Currently in Australia on a solo tour it was a complete pleasure too see him Wednesday night at the Newtown Social Club. It was also my first visit to this new venue. Despite it being 'just up the road' we hadn't been yet. But we remedied that last night and the new room in the old 'Sando' is an intimate space to see an artist in and we will be back plenty of times for sure. It was so suitable for Daniel too. His warm voice filled the small room with ease. His lilting melodies floating us away on glorious beds of harmony. He played a combination of his solo stuff, Department of Eagles tunes, covers and even a couple of older Grizzly Bear songs. We lapped it all up. He is an extraordinary guitarist. Finger picking is taken to new heights when he plays. He also gave us three songs on an upright piano. Daniel is also very charming with his 'disclosed' banter, drawing us into his intimate and touching world. Highlights were probably 'In Ear Park', the Townes Van Zandt cover 'Kathleen' and the sublime 'Golden Mile'. This was a night of true beauty. A complete pleasure.

Set List
Up On High
Silent Song
In Ear Park (Department of Eagles song)
Easier (Grizzly Bear song)
Kathleen (Townes Van Zandt cover)
Herringbone (Department of Eagles song)
Golden Mile
Saint Nothing
(new song)
Deep Blue Sea (Grizzly Bear song)
Not Coming Back
Made to Rise

Waterfall (Judee Sill cover)