Feb 27, 2015

Real Estate @ Oxford Art Factory

Real Estate aren't an exceptional live band, but they are an exceptional band. So, basically that means when you witness a Real Estate live show you will have a very good time. Because their music is just that good. But don't expect a huge amount of banter or high energy antics. These are musicians here to have a good time to be sure but they are primarily there to wash over you with glorious waves of guitar and sublime melodies. The band from New Jersey has made very good indeed. With three acclaimed albums under their belts they have a great catalogue to choose from. So despite them not playing "Out of Tune" it was a great night to be sure.

Matt Mondanile and Martin Courtney are the core of Real Estate and it is them that makes the band so special. Their guitar interplay is a sight to behold, layers of melody washing back and forth producing often thrilling results. On songs like "The Bend" it was particularly exciting, especially when the breakdown on that song occurs. Or the epic sounds of "All The Same". My greatest excitement though was for the spectacularly great "Fake Blues". I wasn't the only one appreciating the sounds though. The crowd was very enthusiastic and it seemed like the band could feel it, with smiles breaking out on and off stage. So much so that the encore extended to five songs pushing the show past midnight. Not that anyone was complaining. When music is this good you really never want it to end. 

Set List
Had To Hear
Kinder Blumen
Green Aisles
Talking Backwards
The Bend
Fake Blues
Beneath The Dunes
It's Real
Beach Comber
All The Same

Younger Than Yesterday
Wonder Years
April's Song
In My Car


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