Feb 12, 2015

Daniel Rossen @ Newtown Social Club

As a member of the revered Grizzly Bear, Daniel Rossen has a worthy reputation to say the least. As a songwriter, arranger, musician and singer he has talent to burn. Currently in Australia on a solo tour it was a complete pleasure too see him Wednesday night at the Newtown Social Club. It was also my first visit to this new venue. Despite it being 'just up the road' we hadn't been yet. But we remedied that last night and the new room in the old 'Sando' is an intimate space to see an artist in and we will be back plenty of times for sure. It was so suitable for Daniel too. His warm voice filled the small room with ease. His lilting melodies floating us away on glorious beds of harmony. He played a combination of his solo stuff, Department of Eagles tunes, covers and even a couple of older Grizzly Bear songs. We lapped it all up. He is an extraordinary guitarist. Finger picking is taken to new heights when he plays. He also gave us three songs on an upright piano. Daniel is also very charming with his 'disclosed' banter, drawing us into his intimate and touching world. Highlights were probably 'In Ear Park', the Townes Van Zandt cover 'Kathleen' and the sublime 'Golden Mile'. This was a night of true beauty. A complete pleasure.

Set List
Up On High
Silent Song
In Ear Park (Department of Eagles song)
Easier (Grizzly Bear song)
Kathleen (Townes Van Zandt cover)
Herringbone (Department of Eagles song)
Golden Mile
Saint Nothing
(new song)
Deep Blue Sea (Grizzly Bear song)
Not Coming Back
Made to Rise

Waterfall (Judee Sill cover)


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