Feb 19, 2015

Perfume Genius @ Oxford Art Factory

Mike Hadreas has a story to tell and he tells it dramatically. Otherwise known as Perfume Genius he bleeds his emotions on stage, baring his soul and delivering his heart to all in attendance. That was the scene Thursday night at the Oxford Art Factory. Hadreas is an unusual performer. Seemingly very shy but also very bold. Wearing a dress, fishnet stockings and stilettos he prowls the stage belting out his strongly emotional songs. He stares into the distance, not really focusing on the crowd but more likely the job at hand. He can look uncomfortable at times but I think this just makes the performance even more real. There is a searing humanity to everything he produces. I guess this is what makes him so compelling. Last time he toured it was basically just him on his keyboards. This time around he was joined by drums, guitar and more keyboards. Which suited the more dramatic numbers from his latest release. Such as the popular "Queen" and the raging "Grid". My favourite though was probably the sublimely beautiful "Fool". There was still time though for quieter solo numbers such as the achingly beautiful "Dark Parts" and the lilting melody of "Learning". Somehow I wasn't enthused entering the venue for this show. I had a long day and was feeling a little tired. But the emotional shot in the arm of Perfume Genius was clearly just what I needed. 

Set List
My Body
Take Me Home
Dark Parts
Lookout, Lookout
Body's In Trouble
No Good
Sister Song
All Waters
Floating Spit
Rusty Chains

Mr. Peterson
All Along
Normal Song


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