Dec 5, 2017

Feist @ Sydney Opera House

Feist is the complete performer. Amazingly talented and wonderfully charismatic. She hadn't been to our shores for a while, but what a welcome return it was. Sunday night at the Sydney Opera House was the last date of a world wide tour off the back of her latest and impeccable album in 'Pleasure'. In fact she would play the album in full and in order to begin the show. I love the album so this was a distinct pleasure. Particular highlights were 'Any Party' (complete with audience participation) and 'A Man Is Not His Song'. The album is quite varied with beautiful ballads and some up tempo rockers which allowed Feist to display her considerable talents as a guitarist. Many songs were lengthened with long outros as she sparred with her very talented band on stage. There were also many asides between songs where Feist could display her charm and humour. She was also pretty stoked to be playing the iconic Opera House. I think it was a big thrill for her. Plus her mum was in the audience!

After the 'Pleasure' part of the show she leaped straight into her hefty back catalogue, such as the joyous 'My Moon My Man' and the bouncy 'I Feel It All'. We wanted more and we got it, pushing the show well past the two hour mark. 'Mushaboom' was delivered solo and '1234' was given a strip backed rendering with the writer of the song (Sally Seltman) joining mid song. She didn't really want the night to end so she returned for a solo version of 'Intuition'. Giving an enraptured audience extra pleasure and smiles that I'm sure lasted for days.

Set List
I Wish I Didn’t Miss You
Get Not High, Get Not Low
Lost Dreams
Any Party
A Man Is Not His Song
The Wind
Baby Be Simple
I'm Not Running Away
Young Up
My Moon My Man
A Commotion
Sea Lion Woman
The Bad In Each Other
Caught a Long Wind
I Feel It All
Let It Die

Mushaboom (solo)

Intuition (solo)