Sep 11, 2015

The Smith Street Band @ Manning Bar

There is a purity to The Smith Street Band that is almost undeniable. They exist in total honesty. They wear their hearts on their sleeves, without any form of irony. They are emotionally powerful and forthright. They rock extremely hard too just for good measure. Wednesday night at the Manning Bar was the first time that I have seen them live and it won't be my last.

This was the first night of their latest tour. A tour taking place about a year after the release of their latest, and greatest, record. "Throw Me in the River" was a burning document of love and life and hit home harder than any record released in Australia in 2015. Their set was taken up largely with this amazing record, but they also touched on older tunes such as "Sigourney Weaver" and "Ducks Fly Together". A sweaty mass of humanity sang along to every song. Lead man Wil Wagner sings with a passion few can match. His voice cuts straight through. It is plain and yet totally convincing. He sings about memories, love, hate and regret. It is absorbing in a way that many bands would envy. By the time they finish with "Throw Me in the River" and "I Love Life" we were putty in their hands. If this Melbourne band visit your town don't miss them!  

Set List
It's Alright, I Understand
Sunshine and Technology
Get High, See No One
Ducks Fly Together
Don't Fuck With Our Dreams
Sigourney Weaver
Calgary Girls
I Want Friends
I Don't Wanna Die Anymore
I Can't Feel My Face
Throw Me in the River
I Love Life

I Scare Myself Sometimes (with Lucy Wilson)
Young Drunk