Mar 16, 2019

Neko Case @ Metro Theatre

Neko Case possesses quite simply the best voice I have ever heard. It is pure and radiant. Strong and sensual. It evokes many emotions. It transcends and cuts through. So naturally any opportunity to see her live is one to be excited about. So it proved Tuesday night at the Metro Theatre. Sadly it wasn't a full house, about three quarters full perhaps. But those fortunate to be there witnessed greatness.

The set was a great chance to showcase her latest album in last year's excellent 'Hell-On'. The songs, she played ten from that album, shimmered and shined. Backed by an excellent band as per usual I especially loved 'Winnie', 'Halls of Sarah' and the superb 'Curse of the I-5 Corridor'. With an ever growing back catalogue to choose from we still received some deep cuts such as the emotionally resonant 'Hex' and the glorious 'Deep Red Bells'. I think my two favourites of the night though were the eternally melodic 'Hold On, Hold On' and the foot stomping 'Man'. It was a night to celebrate the greatness of music and the greatness of Neko Case.

Set List
Pitch or Honey
Last Lion of Albion
Deep Red Bells
City Swans
Margaret vs. Pauline
Maybe Sparrow
Calling Cards
Bad Luck
Curse of the I‐5 Corridor
Gumball Blue
Oracle of the Maritimes
Look for Me (I'll Be Around)
This Tornado Loves You
Halls of Sarah
Dirty Diamond
Hold On, Hold On

The Pharaohs


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