Aug 22, 2014

Jonathan Boulet @ Goodgod Small Club

An interesting conundrum when a band or artist changes their sound. Sometimes it can be confounding and even confronting. Jonathan Boulet has been one of my favourite Australian artists of recent times. His first two albums were full of exquisite melody and supreme joy. Then he departed for Europe, Berlin. Which would produce album number three in "Gubba" released this year. It's a doom laden sledgehammer of an album. I am actually still coming to terms with it. It smacks you on the head and there is little room for light. But it is exciting in parts and there are some great tunes.

Which is sort of how their return Sydney show at Goodgod on Thursday night felt. Clocking in at short of an hour it was a heavy, banging night of dark and powerful tunes. Some worked and some felt a little lacking in subtlety. I really liked "Hold It Down" and "You're A Man" in particular but it was definitely two older numbers that took my complete attention. "You're A Animal" and "Trounce" were played as heavily as they probably ever have been but they were huge adrenalin shots that elevated the night in my opinion. Still, Boulet is certainly an exciting talent. I can't wait too see where his next steps lead him to.

Set List
Don't Call Me Champ
High Five Guy
Is Anybody Dooming?
Hold It Down
You're A Man
Stand By Your Man
Set It Off
Strut King
You're A Animal

Aug 9, 2014

City Wrecker-Moonface

Well, this made my week. Moonface announced a new album. "City Wrecker" will be released on September 16 on Jagjaguwar. Enjoy the greatness!

Aug 3, 2014

Interstellar Trailer

This looks pretty amazing. New film coming from Christopher Nolan!

Jul 20, 2014

War On The East Coast-The New Pornographers

Love this new video from The New Pornographers from their upcoming new album.
How cool is Dan Bejar? 

Jul 13, 2014

Best Albums of 2014 (so far)

I'm back! Still consuming music. Just not finding the time to do the writing. But in the early parts of July I thought I would share my favourite albums released so far this year. It was a hard choice to figure number one. Both the albums from Woods and Sharon Van Etten are fantastic, but in the end I settled for the brooding, complex amazing beast that is "Lost in The Dream". I have posted a recent performance to reinforce this opinion.
1. Lost in The Dream-The War on Drugs
2. Are We There-Sharon Van Etten
3. With Light and With Love-Woods
4. Tomorrow's Hits-The Men
5. Have You Ever Done Something Evil?-Hallelujah the Hills
6. Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light On Everything-Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra
7. Black Hours-Hamilton Leithauser
8. Shrink Dust-Chad Vangaalen
9. Darlings-Kevin Drew
10. Axxa/Abraxas-Axxa/Abraxas
11. Atlas-Real Estate
12. Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son-Damien Jurado
13. Free Will-Bry Webb
14. Mess-Liars
15. Here and Nowhere Else-Cloud Nothings
16. Love-Amen Dunes
17. Drop-Thee Oh Sees
18. Whine Of The Mystic-Nap Eyes
19. Close To The Glass-The Notwist
20. Lazaretto-Jack White