Mar 5, 2019

Beach House @ Enmore Theatre

Beach House have a sound like no one else. It is singular, unique and oh so mesmerising. Monday night the threesome stunned and bewildered us at the Enmore Theatre. They have become fairly regular visitors to this country over the years and I have seen them before but they are definitely an act I will never tire of. Their sound wraps itself around you softly and quietly. It captures you and doesn't let you go. Victoria Legrand is a hypnotic presence on stage. She almost hides in the background on her keyboards but she is the central figure. Her voice is located in a deep register and it is spell binding. Situated on either side are Alex Scally on guitar and James Barone on drums. Together the three musicians concoct layers of sound laced with melody and drama. A slight quibble was that the sound mix wasn't quite right as I thought the drums were a fraction too heavy. But apart from that it was another great night in the presence of Beach House.

The set list was wide and varied, although leaning heavily on last year's excellent album in '7'. Those songs just boomed live. Especially the eerie 'Black Car' and the crashing drama of 'Lemon Glow'. 'Drunk in LA' was also a tremendous highlight. Some of my favourites weren't played. Sadly evergreen songs such as 'Silver Soul' and '10 Mile Stereo' were excluded although I was grateful to hear the sublime 'Take Care' one more time. As a bonus though we received the barnstorming 'Elegy to the Void' which escalated into a cacophony of sound. By the end we were all taken over by the display of music. The encore of the untouchable 'Myth' and the pile driving 'Dive' only confirmed the greatness of the night.

Set List
Dark Spring
Walk in the Park
Drunk in LA
Space Song
Black Car
Elegy to the Void
Take Care
Girl of the Year
Master of None
Heart of Chambers
Lemon Glow



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