Feb 21, 2019

Oh Sees @ Factory Theatre

If you have never seen Oh Sees live you need to fix that as soon as you possibly can. They are more than a band on stage. They are a singular experience. Transforming and transcendent. So much energy it would power a small planet. The now veteran Californian band have been sending crowds into live frenzies for years and it's not about to stop anytime soon. They have been through various lineups over the years and in their current format they number five on stage. Keyboards, bass and yes two drummers. The drumming is propulsive and wildly intoxicating. It's the heartbeat of the band. Standing at the head is John Dwyer. The leader. The man. With his signature see through guitar strapped high on his chest he is all and everything on stage. Swerving, convulsing, moving constantly to the sounds he and his band are creating.

Tuesday night at The Factory was an hour and forty minutes of sweaty, thriving rock and roll. The energy coming off stage is palpable and furious. They belt through numbers with fervour and passion. 'Plastic Plant' sets it all off and it doesn't let up for a second. Whether it's the funky roll of 'Tidal Wave' or the pure heaviness of 'Animated Violence' we eat it up and want for more. Songs are laid out and attacked with relish. 'Toe Cutter / Thumb Buster' is just pure greatness. The bounce in that song sets everyone off. Some songs are extended into long jams such as 'Encrypted Bounce' and even the closing song in 'C'. Then it all comes to an end. We are totally satisfied. John thanks us and the band departs. No encore but safe in the knowledge they gave their all and more.

Set List
Plastic Plant
Tidal Wave
Nite Expo
The Dream
Toe Cutter / Thumb Buster
Withered Hand
Animated Violence
Ticklish Warrior
Encrypted Bounce
I Come From The Mountain
Sentient Oona
The Static God


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