Feb 16, 2019

No Age @ Oxford Art Factory

Two men. One on guitar. One on drums. An hour of melodic noise. Ferocious. Impulsive. Transcendent. That was No Age at the Oxford Art Factory Thursday night. The Los Angeles two piece came and conquered. One hour. No encore. Just flat out music. Dean Spunt pounds the drums with dexterity and rhythm. He also handles the majority of the vocals. Randy Randall wields his guitar, driving the melody. With the aid of a huge array of pedals and effects it creates a wall of sound. But the noise is always in step with melody. It creates an intoxicating mix. 'Teen Creeps' tops off a night of pure and great music.

Set List
Cruise Control
Stuck in the Changer
Sleeper Hold
Secret Swamp
Snares Like a Haircut
(new song)
Fever Dreaming
Soft Collar Fad
C'mon Stimmung
(new song)
Send Me
Air Bud
Teen Creeps


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