Jan 6, 2019

Interpol @ Sydney Opera House

I do believe that Interpol have always been a classically great rock band. When they emerged from the New York scene over a decade ago their driving, stylish brand of rock hit a hard note with many fans. In fact their first two albums I believe have achieved classic status. 'Turn on the Bright Lights' and 'Antics' are just truly superb albums. I was lucky enough to see them a few times in that early period, firstly at the Metro and then later at the Enmore Theatre. They were totally thrilling shows. Like most bands though they slowly decline in quality. To be sure Interpol still make good albums, including last year's 'Marauder', but they aren't consistently great as those first two.

But live they definitely are still quite spectacular. So a first time show at the Sydney Opera House on Saturday night was too good to pass up. I'm glad we were there to witness such a spectacular show. As befitting now a vintage band they gave us a slew of tracks from those first two albums plus a dip into the other albums and naturally a nice selection from their latest (which I quite enjoyed). Of the newer tracks my favorite was 'If You Really Love Nothing'. Of the older ones well there are really just too many to mention. But if I must then the beautifully elegant 'NYC' would rate a mention. As would the power rush that is 'Roland' or the giddy heights of 'Say Hello to the Angels'. It was all pretty great, also thanks to near perfect sound and a spectacular light show. And then the encore. Holy cow. Probably their three greatest songs. The impossibly pulsating 'Not Even Jail', the perfectly melodic 'Evil' and the guitar riff that basically launched them in 'Obstacle 1'. A perfect way to end what was a great night.

Set List
Pioneer to the Falls
If You Really Love Nothing
Public Pervert
Say Hello to the Angels
Leif Erikson
The Rover
Number 10
Rest My Chemistry
All the Rage Back Home
The New
Slow Hands

Not Even Jail
Obstacle 1


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