Dec 4, 2018

Kevin Morby & Waxahatchee @ Sydney Opera House

Quite simply this was a night of sheer beauty and love. A night of celebration of song. It was really special. Waxahatchee (Katie Crutchfield) and Kevin Morby have been touring Australia together performing solo co headlining shows. They are exceptional songwriters, armed with an innate talent to tap into the human soul. Sunday night was the final night of the short tour, in the iconic Sydney Opera House. Katie went first, showing off her beautiful, soulful voice. She played some new ones and old ones, plus a couple off her recently released EP 'Great Thunder'. My favourite was 'You Left Me With An Ocean'. This was performed on a baby grand piano as were a couple of other tunes. The rest were performed on acoustic, with my favourite being 'Sparks Fly'. We also received a couple of covers, with the Lucinda Williams 'Fruits of My Labor' being especially wonderful.

Kevin Morby followed after a short break and ably showed yet again what a talent he is. His set was mostly on electric guitar, but he also plied the piano. He opened with what I believe is a new song in 'Hail Mary'. What a song it was. The rest of the set was a nice selection from his collection of four albums. All of it was great but I especially enjoyed 'Dorothy', my favourite song of 2016. 'Destroyer' was also superb, performed on the baby grand. As a special treat Kevin returned for his encore partnered by Katie. I'm sure everyone's hearts soared at this point. For good measure we received a Jason Molina song as well as a Bob Dylan cover. They then closed with the haunting 'Beautiful Strangers'.  What an ending to a very special night.

Set List
Hail Mary
I Hear You Calling (Bill Fay Cover) > Parade
Aboard My Train
All of My Life
Ferris Wheel
I Have Been to the Mountain
Harlem River > City Music
Cut Me Down

The Dark Don't Hide It (Jason Molina cover) (with Waxahatchee)
It Ain't Me Babe (Bob Dylan cover) (with Waxahatchee)
Beautiful Strangers (with Waxahatchee)


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