Jul 19, 2018

Lord Huron @ Factory Theatre

I missed Lord Huron on their first tour of Australia, so this time around I wasn't going to miss out. They have certainly made a bigger name for themselves, a growing reputation only helped by this year's excellent album in 'Vide Noir'. Thankfully their Sydney show last Sunday night wasn't at a massive venue but at the always reliable Factory Theatre in Enmore. It was a fun night, a great band armed with a slew of hugely enjoyable songs. Most of the tunes were taken from their previous two albums although I was very pleased to hear an older one in the stately 'Ends of the Earth'.

Leader Ben Schneider is not only an excellent singer but also has an amiable charm keeping an excellent crowd enthralled through out the night. He led the way on acoustic and what once was a solo project is now a fully fleshed out band with four guitars, drums and keyboards. The band was excellent, plying their brand of country and folk tinged rock with great aplomb. Lord Huron are certainly a band to see live if they ever come through your time.

Set List
Ancient Names, Pt. I
Meet Me in the Woods
Hurricane (Johnnie's Theme)
Never Ever
Ends of the Earth
Dead Man's Hand
Back From the Edge
The Balancer’s Eye
Wait by the River
Frozen Pines
Celestial Poem Interlude
La Belle Fleur Sauvage
Fool for Love
Ancient Names, Pt. II
Way Out There
When the Night Is Over
The World Ender
Time to Run

The Night We Met


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