Jul 29, 2018

Camp Cope @ Sydney Opera House

Camp Cope sure have come a long way. As lead singer Georgia said on Wednesday night 3 short years ago they played their first show in Collingwood and now here they were playing the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall. What an achievement that is. Camp Cope have built a devoted audience on two albums that explore love, depression, life and everything else. The second album especially shines a light on the issues of a male dominated music world and also the issue of masculine toxicity and all the issues that come with that. They do it all in powerful package that delivers. No wonder their audience continues to grow.

Wednesday night was probably the longest set I have seen them play. For an hour and a half they gave their all and then some. They played nearly their full catalogue and even had time for covers. The most amazing cover was the extremely poignant 'Heads Roll Off', a tribute to the immensely missed Scott Hutchison who we lost earlier this year. Also very special was a rare performance of 'I've Got You' which Georgia performed solo on acoustic. The song is a tribute to her late father and tremendously moving. The only slight quibble on the night was the sound. The vocals and lead guitar seemed a little low in the mix and therefore were a bit dominated by the bass. But apart from that issue it was a triumphant and joyous night.

Set List
Warning (Green Day cover)
Keep Growing
The Face of God
West Side Story
How To Socialise & Make Friends
Stove Lighter
UFO Lighter
I’ve Got You (Georgia solo)
Head Rolls Off (Frightened Rabbit cover)
Jet Fuel Can't Melt Steel Beams
Footscray Station
Flesh and Electricity
Lost (Season One)
The Opener


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