Mar 29, 2018

Angel Olsen @ Giant Dwarf

Sorry for the late review but here it is. Last Saturday night I saw the incomparable Angel Olsen at the Giant Dwarf Theatre in Redfern. A venue that was a first for me. It's pretty great, small and intimate and with great character. Ms Olsen is more than pretty great. She is very great. This show was the second show of back to back sold out nights. Unlike her last tour this show was sans band. Just Angel and her nearly forty year old Gibson electric. I don't know if it was deliberate but she didn't play anything from her last album, the superb 'My Woman'. Maybe she felt they are songs better suited with a full band. But not to matter it was a great show, with a lot of deep cuts from her burgeoning career. Ms Olsen has a very impressive voice, full of range and great emotional depth. Her brand of country tinged rock is wounded and sometimes stark. But contains an overflow of humanity. She was also very charming, sometimes breaking into giggles and always enjoying her glass of red wine. She did a mean Australian accent and gave forth stories of her youth and her experiences of life. It was a great crowd, one that was very engaged and respectful. Certainly befitting such a great talent.

Set List
Since You Broke My Heart (Everly Brothers cover)
Drunk and With Dreams
Some Things Cosmic
You Are Song
All Mirrors
Tiniest Seed
If It's Alive, It Will

White Fire


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