Jan 9, 2018

Vince Staples @ Enmore Theatre

This was a stunning show in every way possible. Vince Staples is at the top of his game and it showed Saturday night at the Enmore Theatre. The young hip hop artist from Long Beach played to a young and frenzied crowd, whipping them into a state of excitement that never let up. This was my first time seeing Vince and I was extremely impressed. He plays with a very minimalist set. He is alone on stage, so no live music. Just him rapping in front of a backing track. He prowls around stage, rarely standing still. It wasn't until '745' that he stood still and used his mic stand. The entire set was full of high energy and he packed a lot of songs into a performances that didn't go for much more than an hour. No encore either. After he slayed the crowd with 'Norf Norf' he quietly left the stage to thunderous applause. We wanted more so I guess I'm just going to have to wait until next time he tours Australia to see him again.

Set List
Ramona Park is Yankee Stadium
Ascension (Gorillaz cover)
Party People
Big Fish
Rain Come Down
Lift Me Up
Hands Up
Love Can Be...
Little Bit of This (GTA cover)
Ghost (With You. cover)
Lemme Know
Birds and Bees
Big Time
Blue Suede
Yeah Right
Norf Norf


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