Jan 24, 2018

Mount Eerie @ City Recital Hall

A Mount Eerie show is always something to treasure. Phil Elverum is an artist of immeasurable talent and spectacular ability. Having seen him twice before I was anticipating something special. But I didn't bargain for the show that we received. A show of such emotional weight that no words can really do it justice. As you might be aware Mr Elverum lost his wife to cancer recently and after a period of expected quiet he returned last year with an album of sadness and beauty, namely 'A Crow Looked at Me'. It was basically a poem of grief and catharsis. Stripping away all artifice and delivering a gut punch to the heart.

Tuesday night at the City Recital Hall we witnessed that music live. For an hour we sat dumbfounded and teary eyed. It was hard going but it was also incredibly beautiful and moving. It was Phil and his acoustic. Standing upright and baring his soul to the world. He opened with 'Distortion', a track from his upcoming new album. It was eleven minutes of aching beauty and startling truth. Then we received some songs from 'A Crow Looked at Me', before giving us four new songs to complete an evening so heavy with sadness but also true emotion and heart. There was true poetry on stage, it was very easy to be swept away by the stark and direct display of overwhelming emotion. He finished, left the stage quietly. There were not many dry eyes in the house.

Set List
Real Death
Forest Fire
Crow, Pt 2
Now Only
TinTin In Tibet


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