Jan 6, 2018

Do Make Say Think @ Agora Ballroom

This show was truly one for the ages. Do Make Say Think have long been at the top of my list of artists that I have never seen. The Canadian maestros tour very sparingly and have never been to Australia. As luck would have it I was planning a trip to the USA and it just happened the band announced a few select dates. They were playing Chicago, a city I love, but they also announced a date in Cleveland. I had never been to Cleveland before so I thought why the hell not. So there I am on a very cold Saturday night seeing one of my all time favourite bands in a city I have never visited before. It was an experience I will never, ever forget. My only regret is that it flew by so very quickly.

The band of nine played an explosive set that was near perfect. A set list that covered a good cross section of their illustrious catalogue. It was an emotional night for me. I loved each and every second. Just a fantastic night of glorious music. Charles Spearin made a nice speech about how much they appreciated playing their music live and how music draws people together. They certainly did this night. The crowd was great, appreciative and attentive. There were so many highlights. I could mention them all but I think my absolute favourites were the incendiary 'Fredericia' and the frantic 'Do'. Then a just perfect encore of the the superbly beautiful 'A Tender History in Rust' and 'Auberge Le Mouton Noir'. What a night. My heart was simply filled with pure joy.

Set List
And Boundless
The Landlord is Dead
d=3.57h (As Far As The Eye Can See)
Her Eyes on the Horizon
War on Torpor
Horns of a Rabbit
The Universe!

A Tender History In Rust
Auberge Le Mouton Noir


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