Oct 8, 2017

Kevin Morby @ Teragram Ballroom

In recent years Kevin Morby has become an artist that is massively important to me. He is creating music that resonates hugely with me. Soulful, emotionally honest lyrics paired with great melodies. A great voice matched with great guitars makes for music that makes my heart soar. In fact in 2015 and 2016 his songs topped by favourite songs of the year. 2017 showed he is not slowing down at all. He released 'City Music' in June and it will easily sit at the higher end of my favourite albums of year. So luckily for me whilst I was recently in Los Angeles he performed a show. Luckily for me it was a wonderful and complete night of great music.

Morby played the Teragram Ballroom, a recently new venue in close proximity to the downtown core of Los Angeles. A medium size venue it was the perfect setting for Morby to shine. Sold out, the room was wonderfully behaved enjoying a stellar night of sublime and touching music. Most of the set would be drawn from 'City Music' and last year's amazing 'Singing Saw'. Although there was still room for older great tunes like 'Harlem River', which was quite epic. His guitarist Meg Duffy is a great player who actually performs lead guitarist role with Morby basically taking the rhythm guitar parts. Such as on opener 'City Music' and its wonderfully distinctive lead riff.  Personal favourites were the buoyant 'Aboard My Train' and the tonally gorgeous 'Parade' Morby also took to the piano such as on songs like 'Destroyer' This also provided a great close up view of his delightful 'City Music' suit. Morby would also give us a Townes Van Zandt cover and a solo acoustic rendering of the important and timely 'Beautiful Strangers'. The encore would complete the night wonderfully with 'Dorothy' just the perfect way to close a superb night. I feel quite lucky that Kevin Morby is making such incredible music and even luckier that I was fortunate enough to see it all live.

Set List
City Music
Aboard My Train
Harlem River
I Have Been to the Mountain
All of My Life
Come to Me Now
Downtown's Lights
Colorado Girl (Townes Van Zandt cover)

Beautiful Strangers (solo)

Dry Your Eyes
Cut Me Down


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