May 28, 2017

The Smith Sreet Band @ Enmore Theatre

The Smith Street Band are a full on passion attack. Emotionally huge and ferocious live. They are truly a great Australian band. Having just released their fantastic fourth album Friday night was a victory lap in front of the biggest crowd that they have played to at the Enmore Theatre. They didn't let anyone down, playing a blistering set for over an hour and a half. It was, to put simply, blazingly good. There was such a huge energy in the room. But the night of the night the room was a happy, sweaty mass of enraptured people.

They ended up playing all of the tracks from their new album and to say they were well received would be a complete understatement. We lapped them up with total joy. It's hard not to when they tear into them with such effort and heart. "Suffer" was simply a perfect opener and the onslaught never let up from there. The beauty of this great band is that they a growing catalogue of great songs they are song along with gusto, whether it's an old cut like "Sigourney Weaver" or a current great like "Passiona". It was all great. I think my favourite was the epic (although aren't they all) "I Don't Wanna Die Anymore". Will Wagner is a true Australian poet and his band are creating quite a career for themselves. Formidable.

Set List
Song For You
Ducks Fly Together
Surrey Dive
I Don't Wanna Die Anymore
The Arrogance of the Drunk Pedestrian
It Kills Me To Have To Be Alive
Get High, See Mice
Young Drunk
Run Into The World
Death to the Lads
Young Once

Laughing (Or Pretending to Laugh) (Will solo)
Sigourney Weaver
Throw Me in the River


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