May 27, 2017

Camp Cope @ Sydney Opera House

Camp Cope have come a long way in a short space of time. This fierce Melbourne trio are huge on talent and about a year after releasing their splendid debut album they have graduated to playing the Sydney Opera House. Not the Concert Hall (Fleet Foxes were playing there Friday night) but the smaller Drama Theatre. Still a great achievement for a band that not too long ago were playing very small venues. Friday night was part of Vivid and they managed to cram in two shows in the one night. We went to the first and it was great to be sure.

Perhaps the venue wasn't best suited to their style as we sat and watched, instead of standing and shouting. Still, it was a great experience as the band tore through deep cuts from the self titled album to great effect. Lead singer Georgia has a voice to level small buildings. It is full of character and range and rage and emotion and heart. And the bass playing of Kelly is superb, with her bass basically acting as a lead guitar. It was also a delight to hear two new songs which were both great. The first was an 'ode' to men who think women can't headline or play large venues. I think Friday proved this is far from true. Camp Cope are brilliant living proof. 

Set List
Song for Charlie (Georgia solo)
Song for You (new song)
Flesh and Electricity
Jet Fuel Can't Melt Steel Beams
West Side Story
Keep Growing
Stove Lighter
Footscray Station
Anna (new song)
Lost (Season One)


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