May 18, 2017

Allah-Las @ Oxford Art Factory

Wednesday night at the Oxford Art Factory was a night of sweet sounds and floating melodies. Courtesy of the four piece band from Los Angeles that goes by the name of Allah-Las. With three albums under their belt this was the band's first trip to Australia and it was warmly received, playing the first of two back to back sold out shows in Sydney. Allah-las are not cool or hip. That is not hyped in anyway. But to me they are extremely cool. They have that Los Angeles look and sound that screams song craft. Their songs float and romp with lovely understated melodies and great harmonies. Exemplary guitar work is augmented by a joyous attitude to singing and playing. It certainly made for a fun night.

Allah-las can churn through quite a few songs in a set because basically they have few songs that go for longer than three minutes. So if you don't like a song there is always one coming along that you will like. But judging by the smiles in the room the set of songs was a great hit. All three albums were well covered with perhaps the biggest cheer for the glorious 'Sandy' and the robust closer 'Catamaran'. All of the band sing with three taking lead vocals. But it is mainly Miles Michaud taking the lead on most songs. Another great feature was the lead guitar work of Pedrum Siadatian. The man can play a mean guitar. The night was topped off beautifully by a two song encore with some of the audience joining the band on stage. The band didn't seem to mind at all, adding another layer to a simply wonderful night.

Set List
Busman's Holiday
Follow You Down
200 South La Brea
Warmed Kippers
Buffalo Nickel
No Werewolf
Tell Me (What's On Your Mind)
Had It All
Sacred Sands
Autumn Dawn
No Voodoo
Could Be You
Calm Me Down (The Human Expression cover)

Long Journey
Every Girl


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