Feb 3, 2017

Whitney @ Oxford Art Factory

Oh sweet melody. Whitney Thursday night at the Oxford Art Factory was a glorious night indeed. The young Californian band are on our shores for Laneway Festival, armed with beautiful tunes from their splendid debut album. With only one album it was a short but oh so sweet night filled with joy and beauty.

Lead singer Julien Ehrlich started the show by creeping up close to the front of the stage to serenade us with a Dolly Parton cover. Only lead guitarist Max Kakacek joined him but soon the whole band was with us as they launched into the rest of the night. First song was one of my favourites in 'Dave's Song'. The rest of the night was just complete joy. Just superb melodies and great wads of jangly guitar with a trumpet thrown in for good measure. Kakacek's guitar was a highlight with amazing chords being plucked. Whilst the band has the unique situation of the lead singer being also the drummer with his kit pushed to the very front of the stage. Ehrlich's voice is quite something. It's a falsetto which often cracks and creaks. It's not perfect but it is perfectly suited to the music.He was also very charming, always chatting between songs with a smile of delight on his face. Th encore was supposed to be four songs and then they remembered they had played one at the start of the night. So we actually received the Dolly Parton song again before they ended the night with the utterly magnificent 'No Woman'. It was a truly great night, a reminder of the beauty of song in every way possible.

Set List
Gonna Hurry (As Slow As I Can) (Dolly Parton cover) 
Dave's Song
No Matter Where We Go
Red Moon
Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You (Bob Dylan cover)
Golden Days
On My Own
The Falls

Light Upon The Lake
Magnet (NRBQ cover)
Gonna Hurry (As Slow As I Can) (Dolly Parton cover) 
No Woman


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