Jan 26, 2017

Car Seat Headrest @ Oxford Art Factory

Sometimes it just feels right. Perfect. Emotionally correct and powerful. An artist comes to you and you can't even imagine life without them. Car Seat Headrest is one such artist. The young prodigy is Will Toledo. Started as a solo bedroom project he churned out album after album of incredible music that was starkly original and stunningly brilliant. He caught the attention of esteemed label Matador and they asked him to put out a compilation of re recorded older songs. 'Teens of Style' captured me and I was hooked. Then in 2016 he made his label proper debut with the sublime and truly wonderful 'Teens of Denial', an album of stunning brilliance. But imagine having the chance to see them live.

So Wednesday night at the Oxford Art Factory it came to being. It was to be the first show on their Australian tour and also their first show outside the US. It nearly didn't get started though as Will was here but the other three members were flight delayed. But thankfully they made it. The show was pushed back an hour and they basically rushed straight from the airport to the gig. And they slayed. A quick soundcheck and they launched into 'Vincent'. For an hour this band excited and stunned with a high energy and ecstatic gig that was thrilling and amazing. A great crowd sang to every word and danced with joy. 'Maud Gone' was impossibly sad. 'Fill in the Blank' was outrageously good. And 'Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales' was just, well wow you just had to be there. A Pixies cover ended the night in triumph. This band is the future of music. They have songs of extreme melody and glaring wit. And they rock hard, epic and triumphant. A beautiful thing to witness. Music is all powerful and emotionally important and last night was a pleasure unlike few others.

Set List
Fill in the Blank
Maud Gone
Destroyed by Hippie Powers
Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales
Sober to Death
Cosmic Hero (with Sweet Jane)
Unforgiving Girl (She's Not An)

Motorway to Roswell (Pixies cover)


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