Jan 7, 2017

Best Live Shows of 2016

Recently my wife made a pilgrimage to San Francisco to see Sleater-Kinney. It was a long way to go to see a show but I perfectly understood. Sometimes a band or artist can take a grip on you and the need to see them live is immense. For her Sleater-Kinney are one such band. This band recently returned to the world after a lengthy hiatus. We saw them in March at the Sydney Opera House. Probably not the right venue for them but that's a whole another story. They were great and one of the best shows of the year. But my favourite show of the year was Godspeed You! Black Emperor. There is no band on earth like them. They are sedate on stage but their music can move mountains. They are epic and immense like no other. In the battle of bands they win.

A close second was the return of Gillian Welch. There are no words.

1. Godspeed You! Black Emperor @ Spectrum Now
2. Gillian Welch @ Enmore Theatre
3. Kendrick Lamar @ Allphones Arena
4. Sufjan Stevens @ State Theatre
5. Kurt Vile @ Sydney Opera House
6. Sleater-Kinney @ Sydney Opera House
7. Dirty Three @ State Theatre
8. Joanna Newsom @ Sydney Opera House
9. Tweedy @ The Factory
10. Built to Spill @ Manning Bar


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