Mar 19, 2016

Nothing To Hide-Hospital Ships

I am big fan of the work of Jordan Geiger. He for many years produced some amazing work in the band Minus Story, a truly under rated band. After that band folded he has been producing some beautiful work as Hospital Ships. His music is beautifully melodic, very emotional and very unique. Hospital Ships now have a new album out on Graveface Records. 'The Past Is Not a Flood' contains seven tracks and was produced by the esteemed John Congleton in Austin.

As Geiger describes, "'You and I' is the sound of my anxiety, 'Long May You' reflects grieving, 'Nothing To Hide' is inspired by/a tribute to the late Jason Molina, 'Little Flower' is reflecting on a family life I've chosen not to have, 'All In Time' (which is based on the same musical motif as both 'You and I' and 'Long May You') is about accepting the painful and temporary nature of life..."

Here is a beautiful rendition of 'Nothing To Hide' for your listening pleasure.
Please check it out or buy here.


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