Feb 4, 2016

Beach House @ Sydney Opera House

To say of a band that they sound like no one else is I believe a major compliment. Of course that would entail them actually sounding good. Beach House complete both categories. And then some. Their driving melodic dream pop truly is unique. And no doubt a big factor in that judgement is the voice of Victoria Legrand. It's deep cannon of a voice. It has real strength and power and also a smattering of melancholy. Beach House are truly a force of nature.

Wednesday night they played the Sydney Opera House for the first time and it was special. Although louder than I expected. In fact early on it threw me a bit. Drums were featured very heavily and so was the guitar. This seemed to take away the nuances on beloved songs such as 'Walk in the Park'. But it did settle in or maybe I got used to it. So by the time new favourite 'All Your Yeahs' came around I was sold on the journey. This pulsating track showcased the band's strengths beautifully. Robust keyboards, hypnotic guitar and that Legrand voice. They soon followed with the exquisite 'Silver Soul' and we were off and running. '10 Mile Stereo' is always a live highlight and tonight was no letdown. It also was accompanied by a stellar light show, giving extra oomph to each song. I must say though that 'On the Sea' was a welcome respite from the almost sonic blast. This quiet beauty of a song came just at the right time. But the rest of the show flowed nicely, ending well with the superb 'Myth'. A short encore was rounded off by the doom laden 'Elegy to the Void' and thus completed a wonderful night. Not perfect though, as I missed the more subtle aspects of their music, but still a timely reminder of the talent Beach House possess.

Set List
Walk in the Park
All Your Yeahs
Silver Soul
Space Song
10 Mile Stereo
On the Sea
One Thing
Master of None
Beyond Love

Elegy to the Void


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