Jan 15, 2016

Thee Oh Sees @ Newtown Social Club

Bodies flying. Arms flailing. This was old school rock for the new crowd. Thee Oh Sees are something special live. So much spirit and energy on stage. I had seen the band once before at a festival but this was the first time seeing them exclusively. Thursday night was the first of two sold out shows at the Newtown Social Club and it was an hour of sweat, passion and much joy. They went hard and then left. No encore. No fuss. Just 100 per cent effort.

Their set up is a bit unique. Two drummers front and centre, a bass player on the left and then main man John Dwyer on the right. Writhing at the microphone. Dancing with his guitar. Shrieking and hollering. The crowd lapped it up. There was moshing, crowd surfing. Even a bit of old fashioned stage diving. The band didn't care. They ploughed on. The music is quite rhythmical, with the heavy leaning on drums and bass. It's guaranteed to move you. Especially when they hit the deep groove of "Turned Out Light" and "Toe Cutter - Thumb Buster". It was made to drive you upwards. Physically and emotionally. In these days of cookie cutter music Thee Oh Sees are certainly holding the flame for the spirit of rock.

Set List (totally incomplete but I'm sure they played some of these)
I Come From the Mountain
Rogue Planet
The Dream
Tidal Wave
Turned Out Light
Toe Cutter - Thumb Buster
Dead Energy
Sticky Hulks
Withered Hand
Contraption/Soul Desert
Carrion Crawler


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