Jan 24, 2015

Dan Deacon @ Aurora Spiegeltent

He doesn't fit the bill of what a musician might look like. Dressed in a plain striped shirt, blue shorts, something resembling footy socks and New Balance runners, Dan Deacon sort of looks like the guy spinning music at the Dubbo RSL. But don't let the appearance fool you. The man is some sort of savant musical genius. If you haven't been to a Dan Deacon show, you must. If you have been you will know that there is nothing like one of his shows. They are part revival show, part dance contest, part full on rave and some comedy thrown in. Thursday night was a late one. A midnight show in the Aurora Spiegeltent. This venue proved perfect for Deacon to work his magic.

It is truly a one man show. Just Dan with his board of minitaurs and phasers sitting atop a beaten up old suitcase. But the sounds he generates fill the space with ease. Booming deep throbbing rhythms blending with luscious serene melodies make it impossible to resist the urge to dance. But if you don't feel like dancing then Dan will involve you. Dance contests, choreographed crowd dances. It's all there. Nothing new though if you have been to a Deacon show before. But who cares, it is so much fun and everyone buys in. Making it a truly communal event. A getting together of like minds and souls. Dancing our butts off to "Crystal Cat" or "Paddling Ghost". Some new tracks as well like "Feel The Lightning", which were received with glee, before closing with the epic "USA". Leaving us all totally satisfied and completely full of joy.


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