Jan 9, 2015

Alela Diane @ City Recital Hall

Summer really isn't my thing. Too hot, too long. But one good thing about summer is the Sydney Festival. Close to three weeks of music, theatre, art and dance. The 2015 edition though wasn't as good as previous years I thought. But there were still a few events I bought tickets for. The first of which was Thursday night at the City Recital Hall. Californian songstress Alela Diane charmed us for over an hour. Her strong voice taking over the hall. Mostly just her and her acoustic guitar, with 4 songs joined by an Australian violinist. But it was mostly Alela, her guitar and a slew of great songs. She apologised for them being 'depressing'. But to me they speak of painful beauty, which is exactly how I like my music. She mainly adhered to her latest excellent album "About Farewell", which was fine by me. Really enjoyed songs such as "The Way We Fall", "Colorado Blue" and "Lost Land". But I was also happy to hear older great songs such as "Tired Feet" and "The Rifle". All in all, a lovely set and a good way to kick off 2015.

Set List
Dry Grass and Shadows
Tired Feet
My Brambles
Hazel Street
The Way We Fall
Colorado Blue
Lost Land
Before The Leaving
About Farewell
Lady Devine
The Wind
The Rifle
Rose and Thorn

White As Diamonds
Oh My Mama


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