Dec 18, 2014

Ty Segall @ Oxford Art Factory

Ty Segall is a Rock and Roll spirit animal. The spirit lives inside him, bursting to get out.  Busting and burning. He embodies everything I love about music. Energy. Passion. Heart. Intelligence. Did I mention energy? Basically Ty makes me feel better. In an extreme way. Just a brilliant illumination of life. I love him. You should too.

His show Wednesday night was just full on from the opening chord of the monumental "Finger" to the closing beauty of "Caesar". This was greatness through out. Exemplified by the epic "Feel", a monster song in each and every way. Ty Segall I give you my heart. I know you will protect it.

Set List
You're The Doctor
Would You Be My Love
Tall Man, Skinny Lady
Hand Glams
Rich Man, Poor Man (The Groundhogs cover)
Imaginary Person
Susie Thumb
Who's Producing You?
The Faker
The Crawler
The Feels
Back to Back
Wave Goodbye

TNT (AC/DC cover)


  • At December 19, 2014 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Nice review Wayne

    The Thurs night show was equally energy packed - both on and off the stage (and in between). The AC/DC cover of the night was 'Dirty Deeds'. He also did Sabbath 'Paranoid' - four times! Ppl kept yelling "do it again", so he did! Great fun.



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