Dec 14, 2014

The War On Drugs @ Metro Theatre

The War on Drugs are here and now. The first time I saw them a couple of years ago they played to a smallish, but enthusiastic, crowd at the Oxford Art Factory. Fast forward a couple of years and 2014 belongs to them. Early in the year they released the magnificent beast that is "Lost in the Dream", an album that is proving to be many people's favourite album of the year. Myself included. It is a beast of a record, epic and rapturous. So Saturday night the Philadelphia band was in Sydney to play the first of two sold out shows at the Metro Theatre. You could call it a victory lap. You could call it 'their time'. It was definitely epic and supreme.

They have a sound. It's not unique but it is stamped with greatness. Walls of guitar weave intricately back and forth. Wave after wave flow and subside. Push and pull. Thrust and thrust again. Songs build with epic beauty, fade and grow again. Melodies are pushed along by the guitar and drums. There are keyboards floating in between creating a wall of sound that is huge and simply beautiful. Most of the set was from the 2014 already classic album. Of those the enormous "An Ocean in Between the Waves" and the mighty "Eyes to the Wind" stood out. I also loved the dynamic "Red Eyes" and the serene "In Reverse" that appeared in the encore. But I was also especially ecstatic to hear two older songs that I have much love for. "Arms Like Boulders" and a stripped back "Buenos Aires Beach". This was a glorious night. To be here, in the now, was simply magnificent.

Set List
Arms Like Boulders
Under The Pressure
An Ocean in Between the Waves
Come to the City
Buenos Aires Beach
Eyes to the Wind
Red Eyes

In Reverse
Baby Missiles
Comin' Through
Lost in the Dream


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