Dec 15, 2014

Phosphorescent @ Oxford Art Factory

Few artists can reach the emotional perfection of Phosphorescent. Matthew Houck, the man behind the band, is as good as any talent working in the world today. His music connects on so many levels. Humanity runs strong through out, establishing a strong connection to the heart, mind and soul. We were lucky enough to see Phosphorescent in New York last December and it was a show that will live long in the memory. So this show last night had a lot to live up to and believe it or not it did. Every minute was pure joy and excitement.

It's a blend of country, rock and folk. It's a potent mix. Inspired and stunningly beautiful. Each song unfolding sublimely with heartbreaking tenderness and a stunning honesty. The set naturally drew from the masterful 2013 album "Muchacho", with "The Quotidian Beasts" and "Dead Heart" being especially stunning and epic. Epic was the word as the full band of six worked hard to draw every nuance out of each song, jamming out with great effort and alacrity. Of course the genius that is "Song For Zula" was stunning in every way. That song is permanently etched in my heart. I also applaud the crowd, they were so into each and every song and by the time the set closed there was a joyous rapture permeating the room. For the encore it even went up a notch. Mr Houck returned solo and serenaded us with the innate beauty of "Wolves", such a heartbreaker of a song. He then pulled out a real oldie in "When We Fall" (not on the set list) before inviting the band back to blast us off into the night with the greatness of "Los Angeles". Oh yes, this was a night of nights. There will be few shows witnessed in 2014.

Set List
A New Anhedonia
Terror in the Canyons
The Quotidian Beasts
A Picture of Our Torn Up Praise
Tell Me Baby (Have You Had Enough)
Dead Heart
Nothing Was Stolen (Love Me Foolishly)
Song For Zula
Ride On/Right On

Wolves (solo)
When We Fall (solo)
Los Angeles


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