Dec 13, 2014

Nick Cave @ State Theatre

There is no one like Nick Cave. I repeat. No one. The man's persona is huge. He is not one of us. I feel the man is larger than the music. And the music is huge by the way. But the way he strides the stage like a caged animal is awe inspiring and just a little intimidating. You feel like you would melt if you ever had the chance to meet him. He is electric and stupendous. He connects with the acolytes down front but you feel it is just part of the act. He is there to put on a show and what a show it is. Nick Cave is a must see anytime he plays live. If you haven't had the chance yet, then I totally recommend getting that fixed quick smart.

These run of shows in Australia were billed as Nick Cave solo, but he ended up with 4 Bad Seeds joining him on stage. Which is no bad thing. We had the unique Warren Ellis playing just about everything. Martyn Casey on bass. Thomas Wydler on drums and Barry Adamson on keyboards. Of course they were all mighty and great. And essentially it was a more stripped back performance with Nick performing several songs on piano and quite a few being just him. Such as the show stopping "The Ship Song". This magnificent song was worth the price of admission alone. But there was more a whole lot more. A stripped back "The Mercy Seat" was tear inducing. "From Her to Eternity" tore a hole in the roof and "Jubilee Street" is and was flat out greatness. You get the picture. St Nick sang "God is in the House", but truly it was Nick in the house last night.

Set List
We Real Cool
The Weeping Song
Red Right Hand
Nobody's Baby Now
Higgs Boson Blues
The Ship Song
From Her to Eternity
God Is in the House
Love Letter
Water's Edge
Black Hair
Lay Me Low
Into My Arms
The Mercy Seat
Jubilee Street

Wide Lovely Eyes
Up Jumped the Devil
Jack the Ripper
Push the Sky Away


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