Dec 11, 2014

Cloud Nothings @ Oxford Art Factory

"Hi, we're Cloud Nothings". That was it, that was all we needed. As the kids say, no filler, all killer. For an hour the Ohio band pummelled and poleaxed us with a ferocious assault of giant sized rock. Fast and furious. Angry and smart. Strong and emotional. The threesome are a machine live. No let up, in sync through out. Dylan Baldi harangues his guitar and sings with a strong urgency. Bassist TJ Duke supplies the rhythm and drummer Jayson Gerycz never lets up and is a ball of sweat at the end of the set. So was most of a very enthusiastic crowd that lapped up every drum beat and every power chord. The set drew entirely from the band's previous two excellent albums and it was much appreciated. My particular favourites were the awesome "Psychic Trauma" and the emotional sledgehammer that is "No Future/No Past". By the time epic closer "Wasted Days" came around we were indeed wasted. But it was oh so worth it.

Set List
Stay Useless
Psychic Trauma
Now Hear In
Quieter Today
Fall In
Pattern Walks
Giving Into Seeing
Cut You
No Future/No Past
No Thoughts
I'm Not Part Of Me
Wasted Days


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