Jan 10, 2014

Vampire Weekend @ Hordern Pavilion

Add these two ingredients together. Melodies that never quit. THE best album of 2013. Equals fun unending and undying. That is Vampire Weekend. A band I was once quite ambivalent about is now a band I can't get enough of. A band that has produced three albums of luminous quality and the third one is the best one yet. A modern classic if you will. I saw the band just under a year ago and the fun was simply bursting out of the room. This time around they played a larger venue in the Hordern Pavilion and on the back of the new classic album it was quite simply a fantastic show. Fun from start to finish.

Honestly if you slight this band as light or trivial you are doing yourself and the band a major disservice. Vampire Weekend not only write songs of immaculate melody and rhythm but lyrically they continue to grow. There is a huge amount of depth and pathos on display. Songs like "Step" and "Hannah Hunt" are close to perfection and genius. Not to mention "Ya Hey" or "Obvious Bicycle". Then you have a song like "Unbelievers" which was probably the highlight song of the night for me. So that's just the new album and that in itself would make for a great night. Then if you add in gems from the first two albums it all adds up to a concert of indisputable fun. How can anyone resist the charms of "White Sky" or "Cousins" or Oxford Comma". By the time "Walcott" closes the night, as is usual, we are sailing into the night high on a night of exquisite and joyous music. This band is just flat out wonderful.

Set List
Diane Young
White Sky
Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa
Finger Back
Everlasting Arms
California English
Boston (Ladies of Cambridge)
Ya Hey
Oxford Comma
Giving Up the Gun
Obvious Bicycle

Hannah Hunt


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