Jan 23, 2014

Kurt Vile & The Violators @ Paradiso Sydney Town Hall

You don't enjoy a Kurt Vile gig I believe. You experience it. Best sometimes just to close your eyes and let the waves of guitars wash over you. Waves and waves of beautiful guitars. So Wednesday night proved as Kurt Vile played to a sold out house as part of the Sydney Festival. This was also my first time to see a show inside the Sydney Town Hall. They have dubbed it "Paradiso" and it was quite apt. Something special to see a show like this in a setting like this.

Kurt Vile's reputation has increased markedly over the last couple of years as he has gone from small time guitar hero to critically acclaimed guitar hero. With his Violators in tow this was somewhat of a victory lap, with an enraptured audience hanging on every drum beat and every guitar chord. It was a good move opening with the opening song from his latest opus. "Waking on a Pretty Day" is nine minutes of pure guitar opulence. A veritable feast of loping and sinewy guitar wizardry. Soon he gave us "On Tour", which was quite simply guitar greatness. But probably the highlight of the night was when Vile played two songs solo on his acoustic. The girl, who knows more about guitar playing than I do, commented that Vile plays his guitar with open tunings, which is apparently more complex and difficult. He certainly is a remarkable guitarist and this was definitely a sight to behold. Soon the band rejoined him and they assaulted us with the crunch and rock of "Hunchback" and "Freak Train". Then Vile closed solo once again with the majestic "Too Hard". As he sung "Life is like a ball of beauty that makes you wanna just cry, then you die" I think we all managed to melt a little inside.

Set List
Wakin on a Pretty Day
KV Crimes
On Tour
Jesus Fever
Peeping Tomboy (solo)
Feel My Pain (solo)
Freak Train
Too Hard (solo)


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