Jan 25, 2014

Kurt Vile @ Circus Ronaldo Tent

So my Sydney Festival journey continued at midnight on Thursday night. Kurt Vile, this time solo, in the small and intimate Circus Ronaldo Tent in Hyde Park. This was my first time in this venue and it was a great experience. We sat on bench seats, tightly jammed together around an octagon shaped stage. It was late. I was very tired, but it was so worth it. Kurt was playing sans Violators with just an acoustic. He had an electric behind him but he never touched it. Instead relying on his exquisite skills on the wooden instrument of beauty. What a show it was.

Vile is an extraordinary talent. His complex finger picking manages to ply unique sounds from his guitar. His songs wax and wain, going through subtle chord changes and melodies. I think "Feel My Pain" and "Too Hard" were my particular favorites on the night. Although it was great and maybe surprising to hear the epic "Goldtone" performed solo. Plus we also received "Baby's Arms" on this occasion. Vile never says much, barely mumbling a few thank yous. But this man's guitar speaks for itself. 

Set List
Smoke Ring For My Halo
Ghost Town
Feel My Pain
Too Hard
Laughing Stock
Peeping Tomboy
Dead Alive
Baby's Arms

Playing Guitar With a Dead Hand?


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