Nov 21, 2013

Mikal Cronin @ Goodgod Small Club

Short but sweet. Oh so sweet. Mikal Cronin wowed everyone lucky to be at Goodgod on Wednesday night with an 11 song 45 minute set that was guitar driven melodic bliss. To the extreme. I think it's always very exciting to see an artist for the first time. Especially if they are fresh off a really great album. The anticipation is always high. Thankfully the long haired Californian didn't let us down. "MCII" is easily one of my favourite albums of 2013 and it was an absolute thrill to hear these songs live. The short set was actually divided between that album and his self titled debut. I didn't hear "Peace of Mind" or "Turn Away", but no matter. It was all great!

Cronin is a prolific artist who churns out music that drives really hard, but he also has a great ear for melody. His music is of that great American garage band tradition, but it's not sludgy or one dimensional. He has really great song writing chops, his songs building and collapsing with ease and each one is slightly different from the last. Offering variety and stimulaton. I think my favourites last night were the near perfect power pop of "Weight" and the grinding, hard rocking closer in "Gone". His band were great too. All with shoulder length hair and bearded faces, they provided the bedstone for Cronin to lay his melodies upon. Like many artists I love it seems a shame not to have a bigger audience witness last night. But the enthusiastic crowd that was on hand will be sure to let all their friends know of the talent that was on display.

Set List
Is It Alright
Am I Wrong
Get Along
Shout It Out
See It My Way
Green & Blue


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