Jul 20, 2013

You Am I @ Enmore Theatre

Name the essential Australian band. My vote goes to The Go-Betweens. But you could make a compelling argument for Sydney's You Am I. Their string of albums in the 90s were near untouchable. Hard rocking with impeccable melodies. Australian to the core and virtually essential listening for anyone interested in the fabric of Australian rock. In fact I was lucky enough to be there when it was all happening. I saw them a few times either on their own or as support for an international act. "Sound As Ever" was a ball tearing first album. BERLIN CHAIR! But it was to be their two albums that would cement their greatness.

Fast forward to 2013 and we were at the Enmore Theatre on a Friday night to hear those two albums back to back. "Hourly, Daily" and "Hi Fi Way". The former is probably their most loved album. The latter I think probably their best. Both brimming with greatness. The iconic figure of Tim Rogers came on stage with a cello player close behind to serenade us with the opening sublime title track. Then the band chimed in and we were away and rocking. My favourites from this album were the melodic heights of "Good Mornin'" and the aching beauty of "Please Don't Ask Me To Smile". After a 30 minutes break the band returned to perform "Hi Fi Way". So friggin' great. "Cathy's Clown" proved the crowdpleaser of the night. But "Purple Sneakers" wasn't far behind. You could make a legitimate case for this song as one of the greatest rock songs ever written in this country. To close with "How Much Is Enough" was just more cream on the cake. An encore just topped things off. "Berlin Chair" and "Sound As Ever" brought me back to those heady days 20 years ago. You Am I were great then.
They still are.

Set List
Hourly, Daily
Good Mornin'
Mr Milk
If We Can't Get It Together
Flag Fall $1.80
Wally Raffles
Heavy Comfort
Dead Letter Chorus
Baby Clothes
Someone Else's Home
Please Don't Ask Me to Smile
Moon Shines On Trubble
Who Takes Who Home?
Forget It Sister

Ain't Gone And Open
Minor Byrd
She Digs Her
Cathy's Clown
Jewels and Bullets
Purple Sneakers
Pizza Guy
The Applecross Wing Commander
Ken (The Mother Nature's Son)
How Much Is Enough

Sound As Ever
Adam's Ribs
Young Man Blues (Mose Allison Cover)
Berlin Chair


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