May 16, 2013

Local Natives @ Metro Theatre

I could name quite a few, a lot really, bands that receive more acclaim than Local Natives. Bands that don't possess anywhere near the talent that this Californian five piece does. But let's not be negative. Let's just enjoy this band for what they are and what they bring. A band of immaculate harmonies, supreme rhythms, insane melodies, gut checking emotions and great personality. Yeah, you could say I think Local Natives are ultra special. If you were at Wednesday's night show at the Metro Theatre you would know what I mean. The room was filled with joy, overflowing in fun. It was a great night and you know what. I think this band is only scratching the surface of just how good they can be.

When I first heard "Breakers" earlier this year I had an inkling that "Hummingbird" could be a bit on the special side. The band's second album hasn't let me down. And right now it is still my favourite album of 2013. "Gorilla Manor" was great but "Hummingbird" takes things up a notch. More depth, more pathos, more emotion. It's a powerful and diverse record brimming with thoughts and ideas. I love it. Last night we naturally received a good dose of both albums. It did seem however that the "Gorilla Manor" tracks were better received by the crowd. I put this down mainly to the fact that they are more anthemic, more conducive to mass singalongs. Songs like "World News" and "Airplanes" and "Sun Hands" are just made for crowd involvement. So much fun and rapture. But it was the "Hummingbird" songs that really had me going. "You & I" was a great start, but it was actually a couple of 'lesser' album cuts that really impressed. "Black Balloons" and "Wooly Mammoth" were huge live. So much grunt and power. But there was one song that rose above all. The heartbreaking "Colombia". Of course this song is about the death of Kelsey Ayer's mother. It's sad but ultimately moving and live it's a juggernaut. Ayer and Taylor Rice are front and centre in this band swapping vocal duties and instruments. The band all harmonise though, creating a wall of serene vocals. Matt Frazier drives the band forward on drums, providing a solid base for the band to work their great melodies and harmonies. When they return for the encore we are treated to "Shape Shifter", my favourite song off the first album. A great way to end an night in the hands of a truly great band.

Set List
You & I
Wide Eyes
Black Balloons
Warning Sign
Mt. Washington
Heavy Feet
World News
Wooly Mammoth
Who Knows Who Cares
Sun Hands

Shape Shifter


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    Nice gig ' ive watched some of your shows-

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